Monroeville, New Jersey

I've worked at Best Buy for a little over 3 months. I was hired as a "seasonal employee" for the time leading up to and through the Christmas holiday.

The first month was fine, no problems no complaints. As time went on I began to notice things. There were certain groups of people at best buy who stuck together, such as managers, supervisors, sales associates, and warehouse employees. If you worked in that respective department you had to stick together with those people.

If you did not, you would be outcast, labeled as a trouble maker or something along those lines. I for one possess a leader type of personality and have never been the type to conform and follow a clique. I am 25 years old and a college graduate. most of the people I work with are 19-21 with some college or none at all.

They saw that I did not fit in and knew I was not at Best Buy for a career but was simply using the employment as a stepping stone to greater employment opportunities. This made some people very mad and jealous. After 2 month of working I began to experience harassment from certain people. In the form of people who were not my supervisor giving me unreasonable tasks, trash talking behind my back, a homo erotic picture text message from an unknown number to my phone, and a similar picture drawn with my name inside of an 18 wheeler trailer we were unloading.

For the record I am not *** nor have I lead anybody to believe that. It just shows the immaturity that people like myself have to deal with while trying to make an honest buck. The employee who drew the picture was warned by the managers and no action was taken other than the warning. I have asked several supervisors and managers to please place me in another department rather than keep working in the warehouse.

3 weeks has gone by with no results. I continue to get the looks, snickers, and trash talking.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I have been harassed by my supervisor at store 175 Donna Robinson


If that is true, and you don't feel comfortable in talking with store management, then you need to contact corporate HR. The phone # is on the wall in the breakroom.


Ha! HR will do NOTHING!


It sounds like you're just having a bad experience because I've been working for best buy for some time now and I sell all over the store. Technically I'm HT but I contact customers throughout the store and sell in every department and I see no type of clique issue and haven't had any kind of negative experience here at BBY. If you don't like your job quit.


Don't worry man thats the mentality of best buy.. ITs just like high school all over again.

I worked there for 3 & 1/2 years.. Its too hard to keep your sanity working there. One manager tells you one thing and another manager tells you another. Then its all about extended warranties which everyone knows its a rip off, How many did you sell did.

you offer the credit card did they get debt forgiveness.. You did good you get points and if you save up enough you get a 5$ rewards zone to buy a soda & chips. If you don't do good then they cut your hours and you'll be there for 4.5 hrs a week till you quit.

Job not worth the stress.. I'm just waiting to hear there going out of business..


I've been at BBY for 9 years in Management and I use to be the best at what I did until consistent changes that took out my Manager and gave me 7 job changes that I didn't ask for. I have saved this company an extreme amount of money and all I get is more work with consistent changing and can't keep up with not being on salary and getting no OT.

My only incentive is to not get fired. I haven't seen a raise in 3 years and just recently I have been put on a 3 month road to termination called an (Action Plan) that has 55 increments that need to be all yes in order for me to not get fired. I have a family to support and no matter what I do I can not succeed in my action plan.

I wish I could contact HR but everyone is in everyones back pocket. So I continue to be sick every day I go to work and wonder if it's going to be my last week and when I'm off I search for jobs that will only take younger people.


It would appear you are and attention *** and I doubt this ever happend...


Mi nombre es Jose Ramirez. Mi esposa e hija menor visitamos el Best buy en el Doral, FL.

en el dia de hoy 6/17/2013 *** la idea de ver precios y comprar un televisor LG de 60 pulgadas. Todos los empleados estaban ocupados y fuimos atentido por un supervisor de el departamento de televisores *** el nombre de Elvin. Mi esposa le hizo varias preguntas sobre el televisor y este muchacho no solamente fue estremandamente rudo, pero parece ser que estaba en las nubes, debido a que no contesto ni le puso atencion a mi familia hablando por un radio el cual tenia en su oido y parecia molesto por nuestras preguntas y el trato que no solamente yo note pero mi esposa e hija menor. Inclusive nos dijo que el estaba muy ocupado y que si no queriamos comprar el televisor volvieramos cuando estubieramos listos para hacer la compra.

AL ver la poca falta de profesionalidad y desinteres, mi esposa y yo, decidimos no hacerle mas preguntas e irnos a otra tienda, llamada hhgreg, donde el vendedor nos antendio profesionalmente y constesto todas las preguntas, haciendole una compra de $6,000. Empleados como este individuo, llamado Elvin, en el Doral, Florida no deberian trabajar en un tienda donde personas van en busca de informacion y un buen servicio. Este personaje deberia trabajar en otro lugar, porque le esta costandole dinero a tan reputable cadena y no tiene ni un apize de desencia.

La verdad es que no me explico como una persona como el tiene un titulo de supervisor cuando evidentemente no le importa el trato a los clientes. :(


stop crying ***!


To the concerned parent:

I work for Best Buy and recently turned eighteen. I work in the computers department and everyone has been to induction except for me.

I have been told since I asked my manager if I was going to have to go. His response was that to attend Induction you had to be at least eighteen.


I work at best buy and its beem Bout dix months now loved it first month than got into gaming when it fiest started and i literaly hate my job. Everyday that i dont get a beatbuy card im bithes at for almost an hour cuz they want their bonus thatmuch..

I even got written up becausr i only got two cards out in a month off of 4 shifts.

Plus i got written up because my computer glitched and whem i hit the cash but it wemt in as a coupon and im seriously fed up... Three employees have been fired in five months all werehired at apple and i am serioualy startin to regret working at bestbuy


learn to *** spell


my minor daughter went to induction training for the mobile phone department recently in Thousand Oaks, CA. There was no adult supervision at all.

My daughter's roommate was 23 and bought her alcohol, hard alcohol. After my daughter and other minors that attended drank, my daughter was raped by another induction attendee. He is 27, lives in Escondido, CA and is a school teacher somewhere in the San Diego area. Best Buy is in some big trouble, as well as the roommate and the *** rapist.

To any parents out there who have minor children working for Best Buy, DO NOT LET THEM GO TO INDUCTION TRAINING outside your state where they have to stay in a hotel. Don't let them pressure you into letting your minor child go.

Our daughter was told that she would lose her job if she did not attend. Now I wish she had just quit.

@***cerned parent

For your information you have to be 18 years old or older to go to these inductions.

@***cerned parent

This probably didn't happen.

@***cerned parent

Right, this is clearly a lie. I doubt very, very seriously it was truth.

IF it did happen, it was your daughter's choice to get drunk, and likely fall into bed with some ***. EVERYONE in exception of people that are under 18 and are on the sales floor go.

@***cerned parent

You have to be 18 to work in the mobile department. You are dealing with credit.


:sigh Too bad, these are the only "jobs" out there. Some have no other choice than to work for a large company that hires college graduates who graduate in the lower quarter of a third rate college for lower management. The rest of us have to put up with their shortcomings as far as intelligence.


I have been working in BestBuy for 4 yrs and know they have the idea of changing employee availability and I will have to Choose between School or work and I know of employee that will have to Choose between families with children's and Work, I believe this has gone way far when people have to choose.