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Years ago I heard stories about compatibility issues with Norton and other software programs. I threw caution to the wind and had Best Buy/ Geek Squad install it as part of an "installation and support offer" for $149 plus tax.

Everything worked fine until a month later when following a Windows update the safe web feature of Norton (the green lights which tells you if a site is safe to visit) stopped working. I called Geek Squad to get support and was told that troubleshooting and remote support were not part of the plan I purchased. The plan I purchased was only for security software installation and creation of backup recovery discs (which should have been supplied by Asus in the first place in my opinion). If this is all this plan covered I could have done this my self.

This is my mom's computer and this plan was meant to provide both of us with a little piece of mind since my mom is new to computers and I don't live near her and I don't have a PC computer. Anyway we took the computer back to Best Buy and I was fully prepared for principle sake to return everything for a full refund if they did not return the $149 we spent for the "security software installation and support plan." They ended up giving us back $50 saying they couldn't give us back the full amount since they had put their time into it (or something to that effect from what I understood) so I left it at that since in my opinion I am a reasonable person but it still doesn't remove the sour taste in my mouth. On the way home my mom said imagine how many other women unwittingly bought this plan even though I was the one who recommended it since I to was duped. I had asked a Best Buy employee and was told that support was included for that price.

Some might say what do you expect for that price and to this I would reply that's why I thought this was a good deal and went for it. Anyway I fixed the computer myself and as for the Norton issue well I don't know whether to blame Microsoft (Windows 7) or Norton or both only I just want everyone to know when buying Best Buy or Norton products caveat emptor. Note I am not blaming Microsoft since I think the owness in my opinion should be with third party software developers.

If they want to make products to use with a particular operating system then they should make changes quickly when needed with solid answers that are easy to find. See for yourself in online forums all the chaos that the problem above caused so many users.

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Thank you John T. I did not know that and but I am not surprised after my experience.


The Dec 2012 issue of CONSUMER REPORT rates retailers on page 25. Best Buy is at the bottom. Maybe you should read that issue to insure that the rest of your holiday buying experience would be more pleasurable.