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My brother bought me a Best Buy E-Gift Card because I needed something from the store the same day. According to their website, when you buy an E-Gift Card it is "typically mailed in minutes" to the recipient.

3 hours after receiving the confirmation code from my brother, still NO GIFT CARD. I was forced to call the customer service number where the "Manager" 'Earl' said explicitly that DESPITE what the website says, there is no telling how long it can take for the E-Gift Card to be delivered. One CSR said that it is submitted to their department within "minutes", but normally takes 2-3 hours in the *** before they process it. Obviously in my case, it is taking longer.

Therefore I am NOT able to complete my Holiday Gift Shopping at Best Buy and NOWHERE ON THE WEBSITE does it list ANY FAQ's, or DISCLAIMERS about how long the E-Gift Card delivery takes.


Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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This ranks right up there with the text message scam, where people supposedly won a $1,000 gift card. Total BS. :roll


In the Dec 2012 issue of CONSUMER REPORT retailers are rated on page 25. Best Buy is at the bottom.

Also they have been caught using deceptive advertising over the years. Fancy advertising does not reflect the worth of a retailer.


I going through a somewhat related situation dealing with an e gift card. Their customer service is terrible.

I was granted a $20 e gift card with a mobile phone purchase...I wws told id recieve it in five business days, it has been a month. I called customer service inquiring nicely, and was treated like an ***

@I feel you

I had a similar experience. Got an email from Best Buy.

If I spent $250 and did a store pick up, I'd get a $25 coupon. Bought an I-Pod for $299. Picked it up at the store. Never got a coupon.

Called the service center three times. Got disconnected once. Two cs workers had no idea what I was talking about. The third did; in fact, she told me that she had several recent calls with same complaint.

She promised me a $25 gift certificate. It's been over a week and nothing. I sent copies of their email offer, my order and payment and a letter detailing how they dropped the ball. I included my cell phone number and email.

Over a week now and I have not heard anything. I'll do business elsewhere: New Egg, Target, Sears, Radio Shack.


Hahaha. Just found this via google.

I am not the only one. A competing retailer made an offer to cover mobile upgrade charges which I declined in order to get $50 gift cards from Best Buy. A few months and many emails later...no gift cards. If any retailer is making a similar competing offer I suggest taking it over Best Buy's offer since Best Buy has a track record of not following through.

Even if its not as good...take the sure thing from someone else.

Best Buy's facebook CS person just asked for the info via email again! Hahaha.

I have no expectation that's going anywhere. And even if it did - it took months to get my promo.