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I was in Eden prairie, MN to visit my girlfriend. I decided to take her 3 year old to buy a Disney movie and some HD cables.

We found an "Open Box" dvd player and bought it. When we got home there was a disc in the player. I removed it and threw it in the empty box not knowing what it was. The 3 year old then went into the box and took it out without any of us seeing her.

She put it in the dvd collection. We discovered it later when ALL 3 kids where there. Best Buy refused to donate to a charity protecting children from ***, and sending these 3 kids to summer camp after providing them with the chance to see ***. They offered a $75 gift card.

They dont care about their customers. They obviously dont check their returns(as per their policy) before they resell them.

Please do not spend money at Best Buy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Gift Card.

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First off an open box is when someone takes it home so the *** ( idk why you block it out its not a cuss word) must have come from the sick perverted and beyond who bought it the first time. Best Buy isnt responsible for that.

From what it sounds like you tried to sue them and failed. "Oh noooo they didnt donate money". Well thats because you should keep your kids out of the trash can to keep them from finding *** that you threw away. How is the company supposed to know you didnt just stick it in there and now you want money?

Im surprised they offered you a gift card. You should have bought it new and pornless.


i think i agree with jeb. the story just seems a little fishy if you look at the details.

and if you are reading, he is also saying he wants Best Buy to donate to a charity, and send his kids to a camp for the summer. he is unhappy because they wouldn't do that and only offered a $75 gift card (which is probably more than the cost of the dvd player)

i don't know, but i would like to walk into a store, claim that they caused my kids to see ***, and then get them to send my kids to summer camp. (then me and my girl are rid of them for the whole summer so we can do whatever we want)

if it really did happen, this person is still asking too much. but it does sound odd, considering the details.



so you found a dvd and you didn't even look to see what it might be?

and then you threw it away? why would you do that when you had no idea what it was? what if it had been a cool dvd? then you would have been happy. it just seems weird that you wouldn't check it at all and just tossed it out.

and then your 3 year old took it out and put it in you collection without anyone seeing? so how do you know the 3 year old put it there if no one saw her it. how do you know it wasn't there before?

maybe it was yours or your girlfriend's (or even someone else's?)

so let's see: best buy offers to give you a $75 gift card, but won't send your children to a summer camp? and this without any proof but based only on what you are claiming?

i should buy a dvd player and claim it had something so i could get a $75 gift card!

sorry but the whole story seems fishy, especially because you are trying to get so much too. i believe you are trying to work a *** maybe?


Well if he described what the people were doing on the video we would know exactely what he is talking about. Give details, what actions in the movie made you believe it was a ***?


His children saw people a man and woman playing "rock the castle" together. You would expect him to be a little angry.

If your children saw people humping each other on used DVD you bought I am sure you would be sickened that your children's innocence was taken away by showing two people doing the do. Think about it people, *** obviously stands for p0rn.

Like Trevor said it is not him using ***, it is the site filtering. Try posting f-u-c-k, without the spaces and see what happens.

I hate incompetence

I was not going to make a profile for this website but after reading this review I have to comment. Honestly I really just feel sorry for the employee that had to deal with you when you walked into that store.

And then after that every employee who tried to explain how to resolve the issue.

I am assuming from your lack of detail and use of *'s that you really had no idea what was going on. I weep for our youth.


Just be glad that you did not send the movie to camp with them not knowing what it was. Otherwise you would be in big trouble.


Janell, nothing to do with whether this person is adult enough to write what *** means or not, if certain words are filtered like other's have stated than they come up as ***. Not the OP's fault at all. Yes, from experience p0rn is filtered.


Or could *** stand for p-o-r-n? that too is filtered.

I think he bought an used DVD player, it had a DVD in it and the DVD was a p-o-r-n-o. For the OP, send it to me if you still have it.


probably s-h-i-t Janell, this site has filters for even the c-r-a-p and p-o-o-p

However even without knowing what *** means this letter looks like it was writting by a nine year old failing the fourth grade.


Was there *** in it I i think i would of checked that disc out before just throwing it around Iam sorry for your kids had to see that though.


I have NO IDEA what you're referring to because you're not adult enough to write what *** refers to.

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