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We bought a Sony 51" TV from Best Buy with an extended warranty. Well one night the TV went black and the sound remained.

We called Best Buy on July 18th. A service technition was sent out a week later. He was here less than five minutes and said it was the computer board and he needed to order a new part. I told my husband we were in real trouble now.

A week later he showed up with the part and low and behold, that wasn't the problem. He would have to order another part for the picture tube. He would call us and let us know what is going on. When he didn't call us, my husband called and after having to go through ten minutes of pressing 1 for ......, we were told the part had been ordered.

On Saturday, August 2 we received a call telling us the part was in and they will call us for a service date. On Wednesday August 6, I call them since they haven't called us and they said the part won't be delivered until August 21st. Don't know about the service date. Now I ask to speak to a manager.

I ask the manager for a different technician since this guy obviously does not know what he is doing and it looking like we are going to be without a TV for a couple of months now and are going to miss the Olympics. She said all technicians are trained and we are not permitted to change technicians. I asked to speak to her manager and she said she is the corporate manager and I could not talk to anyone else. I think we are being treated this way because we bought the warranty and they lack customer service.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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My husband and I are having the same problem. Our TV went black on July 25, 2008.

They insisted on replacing the lamp, which is of course on back order and a "maintenance issue" not a "repair" They finally came out to replace the lamp on August 25. The TV worked for just about 2 hours and quit again... this time we had sound but no picture. The tech came out again on the 26th and have been waiting for a balast and an optics box ever since.

Supposedly the balast has shipped, but the Optics Box is backordered until October 4.

They refuse to approve a replacement request even though our TV has been out for more than a month and insist that we wait to see if the parts ship earlier. It is infuriating!


This comes up a lot. Each BB employee must be a manager because you can never escalate an issue to someone higher. You should sue them.