Palatine, Illinois

I will never purchase anything from Worst Buy ever again. In the past thirteen months I have purchased three laptops from Worst Buy.

Two of them failed within 5 weeks. THe first one I brought the computer in for warranty work 5 weeks after I bought it and I was told the warranty doesn't cover my repair and the minimum for laptop repair was 200. The child working there seemed nice so I believed Him and bought another lap top. an acer.

What a box is of nuts and bolts that computer is. I'm pretty sure it was a discontinued model. I was very slow for a 2010 computer an i had nothing but problems. So this last December I bought a Gateway and with THAT computer I had a monitor problem after 4 weeks.

I took it back to Worst Buy and This child that I spoke to said it was my fault 4 times and it would not be covered. I called Worst Buy Customer service. Maybe it should be called customer disservice. When I spoke to Customer Disservice they asked me if I bought a service plan and when I said no, they transfered me to a dead number.

I called back the next day the exact same thing happened. So the thing to do with companies like this is call a lawyer. so thats what I did. If anybody reads this and they have a similar problem....

Don't bother arguing with these crooks. I sent an e-mail to the Illinois attorney Generals office. I called the Federal Trade Commision and filed a complaint with them . I found a lemon Law attorney and I'm waiting to hear from him.

Also I found a number for a class action attorney. I will rattle these peoples peoples cage until they change there business policies to a more consumer friendly policy.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Jesus that was barely comprehensible. It was plain idiotic for more reasons than I'm willing to waste my time going into, aside from making sure to type this so you know how much of a *** your statement made you out to be.


This is the stupidest complaint that I've read all day. Try spending more than $400 on a laptop next time, and don't act like a *** when a RETAILER doesn't honor the MANUFACTURER'S warranty. It's two completely separate companies, so don't waste your time trying to sue the pants off of the middle-man company who has no support obligation (warranty) to you.


Simon c' sound like a Best Buy fanboy. Any store that wants to sell additional service plans just so they step in to facilitate warranty claim service is (in my opinion) simply extorting more money.

I've had great experience with Newegg - . They've earned my business for the most part. I really love to look at the "sales" that Best Buy has. Even on sale, their prices don't compete with Newegg or Tiger Direct. Plus I don't have to put up with the kids that are supposed to be the experts at BB.

In my opinion Best Buy will vanish over the next 5 years. By their stock chart, they've really tapered off. Customers that get burned or treated poorly don't come back for a very long time. I'm one of them.



I so agree with you on all points. Buying an Acer and a Gateway?

Come on, they are low end Laptops. Gateway makes Acer and Emachines, they are Gateways budget end computers. Very true that Best Buy will not honor Acer's warranty. Best Buy does not work for Acer.

Spend a few hundred dollars more and get a better brand computer and you will not have that problem or better yet...

buy the protection plan... then Best Buy will help you and fix or replace your computer.


why would best buy honor manufacturer's warranties? Best buy is not a manufacturer they are a retailer.

And the computer is slow because you bought an acer, which couldn't possibly more than 400 dollars. The only fault here is that the employee didn't tell you up front that you were buying a pile of garbage.


First off, if 2 of the 3 laptops you bought at Best Buy failed, it is probably your own fault for not knowing how to use them. This is reinforced by the employee telling you that this is your fault.

Of course Best Buy doesn't honor manufacturer's warranties. That is why you call Acer and have them honor their own warranty. Best Buy honors the service plans they sell, not some other company's warranties. Durr

Slow for a 2010 computer? Wow, you really don't know anything about computers do you? There are always cheap, slow computers for sale for cheap bastards that don't want to pay for anything nicer. You get what you pay for.

Go ahead and complain to whoever you want, it won't do any good. Let me know the outcome of the lawsuit. If you break all the computers you touch, maybe you should try a coloring book or something instead. Computers are probably too complicated for you.

There definitely seems to be a "child" in this story and it seems to be the author.

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