Tampa, Florida

Plasma TV cracked from INSIDE. Technician agreed that it came from inside at our house.

We are informed a week later, after multiple attempts to get information, that the warranty will not be honored. Best Buy refuses to give me anything in writing about the refusal to honor the warranty until I spend three hours retelling the story to multiple insincere employees. I was emailed an invoice that has not been signed by anyone and has been left mostly blank except for one sentence that says "cracked screen." Of course there is no mention that it is cracked from the INSIDE and was not physically damaged by us.

Then I am left on my own to deal with Panasonic. I am informed that I must physically go to the store I purchased it from to retell the story up the food chain AGAIN and they MIGHT give me a partial refund for their useless warranty.

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They need to rename this site "People who are too *** to be allowed to buy electronics." :x


its a plasma tv, you probably layed it down you fool.


Lol. This guy is definitely in the *** category.


you do realize that Panasonic made your TV right? not Best Buy?

or are you one of those *** that think retail stores have a factory in the back of the store and they create their products right there? then they just put the brand name for show?

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