Rex, Georgia

Hello Best Buy,

I just came back from a very unpleasant experience at your location in Morrow, GA. Here is the scenario. I called the store to check if they had iPhones in stock so that I would not WASTE my time there. They said they did, and would hold them for an hour. I promptly went to the store, to wait for about an hour to be assisted, when it was finally my turn the person who assisted me (Michael) in the mobile center, stated that they did not have the iphone and said they were in some other best buy, I asked him about the iphones on hold he said that according to their computer they did have them, however in reality they didn't.

Now, having worked in retail before I understand how inventory in the database would not really be accurate but what I do not understand is why I had to wait over an hour to find out. Michael knew I was there waiting and waiting for these phones and didn't care to check to make sure to see if they had them so I would not wait in vain. Alas I waited for nothing. After trying to sell me some insurance for the phone he casually stated they did not have any...and that I could purchase them at another store in the city. Mind you there was no apology of even empathy in his voice. I was about to but three iphones at your store, and open a contract with my carrier again, but who cares right? I am not valued at your store. I am so sad to say I will never be shopping at Best Buy for anything again. I felt like a worthless person who was just taking up space and oxygen in the store.

I work for a fortune 500 company and know this is not the way to treat customers, let alone keep them. I really thought you guys were different. I will no longer recommend anyone to shop there either, I do not wish any of my friends of family to go through what I went through. WalMart would have done a better job…and that's saying something!

Best Buy, I hope you had a better day than I did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

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and if you're implying that I work for Best Buy, I don't. I simply put you down for buying an iPhone.


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you sound like a worthless person for wanting to buy a worthless, overpriced product like an iPhone. but oh well, there's a lot of simple minded people out there.