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I had a dishwasher installed by Best Buy in May of 2007. The first flood to my kitchen occured in June - - fortunately I came home fairly early in the leak and was able to shut the water off. The same service man came out and "fixed" the problem the next day. Then in September I came home after a weekend out of town and my entire kitchen was flooded - it had damaged countertops, floor in the kitchen and laundry room - wall board damage, and an area rug destroyed. In the basement the water damaged overhead boards and had run into the sewer fortunately. I settled for what they offered (about $3000) even though it did not cover all the expenses to fix everything. I really had no choice - take what they offer or get nothing.

Now in March I have my third leak from this faulty installation. They admit the next day that the original installer and the first "fix" guy are "no longer with the company". This time the water goes to the carpet in the living room and the wall between. The repairguy this time tells me that the problem was in a faulty "hose" that they use to connect to the water supply. This part was not replaced in the first 2 fixes to my knowledge.

He further tells me that he knows of at least 12 claims in our area for this problem and they have had in excess of $50,000 in claims. I ask him why they have not come around to fix or replace the bad part and he said they have installed too many - like 5000 dishwashers and it is cheaper to just wait until someone complains about a problem after they flood their homes. This reactionary service seems wrong....when then know there is a potential to flood peoples homes.

Anyway I called Best Buy customer service - talked to Shirley last Thursday about this and she promised to get back in 24 hours. It is now a week later and I have not heard back from her. The number I called was 888-237-8289 and my file number is 47053310. They have apparently no intention to notify customers of this flood threat to their homes so this might help someone who got an install about that time. They now are using parts from another manufacturer so hopefully this will be my last flood.

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I feel so sorry for her. My friend has been trying to get the fridge fixed from them.

They don't return phone calls. I didn't realize till I had a problem with them how many people had soooo many problems with their products. I bought a video camera... I will never do it again.

Just remember we get what we pay for.... cheap stuff from China

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