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Two months after purchasing a new dishwasher and installation package at Best Buy the drain hose connection came apart. Consequently our kitchen and family room were flooded, causing damage to our floors and cabinets.

When we purchased our dishwasher Best Buy gave us a folder with a written promise that our installer would be insured and would perform the installation "to code". Our dishwasher was not installed to code. The two hoses were clamped in a very unsecure fashion and simply came apart over time. Best Buy has been most uncooperative in trying to get our home damages fixed.

This week I was told by our installer (Done Rite Home Services in Tampa) that the workers who installed our dishwasher were not insured. He says his company is insured but not the "temporary employees" he sent to install the dishwasher. And Best Buy says they bear no responsibility. They are the ones who promised in writing that our installer would be insured--- I would think their written promises would be kept.

I feel that Best Buy is ultimately at the top of the chain and should stand to bear the responsibility here. We have had to hire an attorney as we are getting no satisfaction from Best Buy.

If we don't get cooperation here, we will file suit in our county circuit court. We will sue Best Buy, XPO Last Mile and Done Rite Home Services.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

Preferred solution: Pay the damages done to my home from the flood.

Best Buy Pros: Salesman.

Best Buy Cons: Very very poor customer service.

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  • Flood
  • Leak
  • Done Rite Home Services
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You haven't hired an attorney - or else you wouldn't threaten to sue. When those of us who DO hire attorneys hire one, we stop talking about it and let the legal eagle do the flying.

Likewise, Best Buy is not going to pay to remodel your home from a dishwasher. A hose broke free after usage for X period of time - thats considered a maintenance item and not defect or negligence on their part. There is no "code" for connecting the water coupling. The only way a dishwasher would "flood" your kitchen and living room is if they were only 12 sqft total combined.

I smell scam here big time, and I investigate these things for a living. Stop plastering the place with your hopeless rant.

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