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I just returned from Best Buy Union Square in NYC where I purchased an EZip1000 last August 2010. I've the receipt images attached. I'm very very upset because I purchased this item there because it would be easily serviceable and batteries easily purchased. The agreement entitled me to two replacements of batteries in the two year agreement. Now I am told that Best Buy not only no longer carries your product, but won't even provide me the service. They offered me a refund of the cost of the service contract. I see no reason why I, the consumer, must extend myself to order a battery on your site which costs $135 plus (which is more than the cost of my two year agreement which entitled me to not one but TWO battery replacements).

This does not meet my needs in the least and I will be contacting Best Buy as well regarding my dissatisfaction with their handling of the dilemma. They have my email address on record and take plenty of time to email me coupons, etc. but did absolutely nothing to inform me of this situation.

I have been told I can file a legal claim regarding this matter or that they must return the cost of the service agreement TEN TIMES over.

What I want is a full and complete refund of the entire purchase as well as the assembly charge as reflected on my receipt.

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I agree with Simon. They failed to fulfill the service contract. They did not fail to provide you with the product. A refund of the service contract is fair.

Also, it should be noted that they did not "mislead" you or sell you the scooter "under false pretenses." It is impossible for a store employee to predict the corporation's inventory two years into the future.

Also, do you expect to get a full refund on a non-defective scooter you've apparently used frequently? Another unrealistic expectation.

As an anonymous poster on the Internet who claims to have a law background, I'd advise you not to waste money pursuing a legal resolution.


I bought a brand new car last year that came with free oil changes for life (true story). If that dealership closes down, should I get a refund for the entire purchase price of my vehicle? Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

I think a refund of the service contract is sufficient compensation.


Simply put, they mislead me into the purchase when I made it abundantly clear that I was buying this due to the convenience of service and repair. The cost of the agreement is less than the cost one battery and it entitled me to 2 over the cost of 2 years.

Not to mention, I already have a GoPed which I have forgone repairing for the above reasons! I really think they sold me the item under false pretenses.

I would be more than happy to give them the item back! (or they at least could offer me half back)


Why would you need a refund on an item that still works?