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Sorry for all the typos. I typed it with my cell phone!! Did not check it brfore I sent it.

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I called about my tv that wad still under warrantee. They gave me the run around and took my tv and as of today I still dont have a replacement.

I called to report my tv not working in the end of october 2017. By the end of November 2017 a month later my problem still haf not been takin care of. When I first called them they gave me a diagnosis for my tv over the phone without coming out to see what was wrong. Then the day they eere suppose to cpme out they cancel.

Then two weeks later they send someone out. They said that the phone diagnosis was wrong and tell me we they have to order another part. Now we going into a mpnth eith no tv. So on the 3rd week I called corprate to ecplain my problem, the tell me they will set ip an appointment for that following Saturday.

They daid they would bring me out s nee tv and replace the old one. Well you know that did not happene. They det it ip thrn cancelled it without informing me. I contacted with a service man they said they dont see an appointment for a delivery of a nee tv.

I called bedt buy in Bridgeston. They daid it was set for ecchange. I take my tv into Best Buy Bridgeston they cash it out and cancel the ticket. I get no mpney, no tv, no exchange of tv.

They tell me they ate gping to call the Corporate Office, they then day I will have to wait about an hour on hold. Then they come back and could not get any imformation from Corporate and they need a junk out number after Ive been waiting and dealing with Corporate all month and now Bridheton is giving me the run around. STILL NO TV. They tell me noeafter wainting an hour Corporate wants me to call them and get a Junk Out number because they can't give it to them.

I have to get it. So I call customer service she said she called around to a few diffrent departments and none of them could help. My God that took about an hour for her to come back with I CAN'T HELP YOU!!!. She was very patient all this on 11-25-17 betwee 9:3]am and 1pm.

I am so disappointed in a company as big as Best Buy they dont honor their warrantee. I called Corporate twice during the week and I had to hold onto the phone a whole hour each time, because thats the department that handle ecchange so they just take as long as they want and make you waiy!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tv.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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