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So I ordered a samsung 40 lcd with a stand on black friday. I asked it to be delivered on wednesday the 1st of december, wednesday the 1st rolls around and no tv or stand.

I checked my voicemail and the message from best buy says that the tv and stand will be delivered on saturday. I work saturdays, I'm a nurse my schedule is very long and I am not taking off work away from my patients because of your company. I go up to best buy and they reschedule for the 13th, whatever thats fine. Sunday the 12th, I get a call from a lady saying that they have LOST my order and that I am to go to my local store and it's their problem.

o..k. Incompetence ftw. By the way I ordered a tv series on dvd that arrived opened and scratched. I go the store and tell customer service whats going on and the pull up the order.

"Um, Mame there is not a tv or stand on your bill." it says you cancelled it. I'm still being nice about all this. *** me. I did not authorize shipping to cancel it, I tell the lady who holds my tv and stands fate on a computer screen.

Ok well we are going to give you the tv you ordered out of our inventory and honor the price. Ok. we dont have the stand but we will call you when we get it. Christmas comes, open the TV, and it cannot work.

the stand is not operational, the parts are wrong.

My fiance is crying, he is crying. My grown fiance is in tears, it is the nicest gift anyone has ever given him and BEST BUY HAS *** MY FIANCE'S CHRISTMAS FOR GIGGLES.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $899.

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Yep, I work for Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Staples, and Office Max. If someone doesn't automatically take a customer's side, that is proof positive of their employment.

Anyone who says that a store ruined their Christmas clearly has their priorities out of whack.

And the fiancée crying? A grown man?

Because of a TV? These people are clearly delusional.


Based on what I have heard on most of the lack of customer services experiences by Best Buy's customers. Simon must be head of customer no services for them.


If you knew the true meaining of Christmas, no store would have to power to ruin it. It's too bad it's all about material goods for you.

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