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Beware before you buy anything from Best Buy. They have a new return policy but its not told to you until you try to return a purchase.

because the fine print is on the purchase receipt you get after you buy the item. They require to give them a form of government ID. such as a driver license, military ID or passport. without it they refuse to return your purchase.

But thats not my complaint. I very willing to show my ID without hesitation. what is a big issue for me is that they take my personal information such as my drivers license number and date of birth and enter this into the Best Buy computer systems. Why?

So that they can track my purchase and returns items. They have completely lost the meaning of respect for the customer. With identify theft at an all time high the last thing i want is for Best Buy to demand my personal information just to return an item. The store manager told me I had a choice either give them the information or keep the item (that I didn't want).

He also could not understand why I was so upset. I can assure you that the retail electronics business has lots of competition willing to take my money and NEVER ask me for my personal information should I decide to return a purchase. I have spent several thousand dollars at Best Buy over the last couple years but that ends today. SO GOOD BYE BEST BUY!!!

You will never see my hard earned money again.

and I have already shared this with my entire family who will share this with friends, I hope this message reaches many people like me that feel the same about this . DONT BUT FROM BEST BUY if you don't want to give up your personal information.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

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Best Buy used to be one of the best places to look at cutting edge electronics and the store was always packed with people.

now you can go in there and their is barely a handful of people-at least where I live.I think a lot has to do with new policies such as charging you a restocking fee of $4oo because you didn't like the laptop you purchased. They almost charged me that when I asked before purchasing if it could be returned, no questions asked-they also ordered it to be sent from the factory so no charge should have been made.

Finally after a while and talking to a few people they realized their mistake. But it still was a hassle.

Shopping their isn't the pleasant experience it used to be. also good luck if you need information about products-there was nobody qualified to help me unless I waited for another sales person.


Sean: I Googled myself...and I didn't find anything as important as my drivers license on the internet.

If you work in law enforcement, then you must understand a little about identity theft. If you don't think it's a big deal, please post you DL#, address, DOB and credit card info on here.

I'm pretty sure you won't post ANY of that info, never mind posting it all. So why would you think that information should be given to a clerk at Best Buy?

Also, have you not received any letters or emails within the past 2 years informing you that your information was breached by a DB that was hacked? I know I have, and have had to have new credit cards issues, and watched my charges closely. Even Best Buy has had their DBs hacked.


About two weeks ago i purchased a four pack of energizer rechargeable AA batteries, when i got home i realized (Before opening the package) that i'd actually needed AAA. WHOOPS!

i went back to Exchange (Not return) them and was told by the very nice lady at the counter that i'd have to provide photo ID.

... ok, Not comfortable with that but whatever, it's basically public information. after entering all my information in the system she then requested my phone number.

i refused, stating a desire to not feed the marketing machine.

she then refused to do the exchange, telling me that the phone number is what they base their fraud protection on. i called BS, explaining that i could _LIE_ about a phone number, and that the only reason they'd want it is for marketing. i asked for a manager and my request was refused. i walked out, taking my AA batteries and receipt with me.

i spent a week working over my options and calming down, and returned to the store, giving completely false information to the (Different) very nice woman behind the counter. after i had Returned my batteries i asked to speak to a store manager, and was given a front end supervisor. i repeated my request for a store manager and after a short wait he appeared. i explained the situation to him, and my concerns about privacy and marketing then told him that i had just falsified all of the information required to return the item in question, and that i would Never be doing business with best buy again.

i Understand the need to reduce loss, that's why you want a photo ID.

you do Not get to Force me to give you marketing information. i'll drive the extra 30 minutes, and shop at Fry's.


Hello, I work in best buy customer service and I can assure you and everyone else that this (new policy) is just as much of a pain in my *** as it is in yours. So if you want to scream and yell at me because my boss tells me to do something and I do it then fine. Please go to any other store you want. Really all your doing is making my day better. Its actually funny to me because all I can think when people complain to me and yell and scream is I wonder how you would be affected if something tragic ever actually happened to you?!? God forbid, I pray that giving up your ID and address and email are the most difficult things you ever have to deal with. Oh and fyi we do not enter your birthdate anywhere, unless you are applying for a best buy credit card. So if you want to scream and call me an *** and whatever other names you call a complete stranger, please spend your money anywhere else. I'm sure I can speak for everyone at any best buys customer service on this issue.

Thanks :D

Oh and one more thing regarding this issue if you want to buy something and return it without your "proof of purchase" and then get mad because we are no longer allowing this to fly and now we require more information is because so many people steal (from best buy and eachother) this is just another way for our corporate office to track who's buying what and who's returning what. I was very happy to help a man when he said his laptop was stolen he told me all he needed a copy of his receipt for the police report. He then provided me with the card he used when he paid for it and I was able to find him in our customer contact application (rewards zone app). When I looked at his information (meaning everything he had purchased, returned and exchanged according to his rewards zone account) I was able to inform him that I could see the item in question had been returned a few days ago and when he informed me that he never returned it I was happy to help this very kind man with our corporate office number so that he could work with them and the police to get his laptop back and who ever returned the laptop the punishment they deserve. So you may again want to rethink why you are mad at best buy for this new policy. When they are only wanting to protect ourselves and our valued customers.


I understand your frustration, however you must understand why this practice has been picked up buy Best Buy. First of all Best Buy is only one of many retailers that have begun this practice.

Being in law enforcement I can tell you they are losing tens of millions of dollars due to dishonest customers returning the wrong item in the box, or product that the customer inadvertently damaged, etc. They have no choice but to deter this any way they can. By the company obtaining this information that is unique to you they can track when someone abuses the system & decline the return or provide law enforcement with that data to try & recover their money and/or merchandise. While many of us don't abuse the system there are too many that do.

So if you are going to blame someone for this, blame the thieves causing it! The economy is horrible right now so they have to save every dollar they can just to stay in business. Also, FYI the information they obtain (DL #) is not going to give anyone the ability to steal your identity.

Google yourself one day, there is more information about all of us on the internet (sometimes there is a fee to obtain some if it) than you can imagine & that information is much more personal than your DL #. It's a bit scary!

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