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Update by user Oct 03, 2016

I never heard anything from anyone> I did find an e-mail address for some executives with best buy and sent them an e-mail and they called the next day and had the delivery company contact me. They sent me a letter asking for all the pictures, two estimate's and whiteness statements and a detailed description of what had happened, which I promptly supplied to them and haven't heard anything back and that's been over two weeks ago.

I think they are just stalling and hoping it will a go away and I will get tired of messing with it, but I am prepared to take them to small claims court if it comes down to it. "Buyers be ware" Please do not let these people on your property because they can damage anything they want and you will have to sue them in court to get it resolved!!

Original review posted by user Sep 03, 2016

I purchased a freezer online and were scheduled the delivery for 9/3/16 between 12 noon and 4pm and had a call from them on 9/2/16 to verify the delivery time and then on the next day 9/3/2016 I got a call from them around 9:30am and they said they would be here in about 35min?? Just after 10am.

I had no time to unload my old freezer because they were several hours early and so I told there delivery person to just drop off the new one and I would unpack and install it myself since I had to unload and move out my old one which I would have already done if they had not changed the delivery time with out notice. Then there driver backed out my driveway and ran over my mailbox and left?? I called him immediately from the number on my ID and he hung up on me first so I called back and finally got him on the phone. He tried to say he didn't run over it but I told him I saw him and he said his boss would pay for it.

I also called there customer service number was on hold for a long time got a call back and then was told to contact there Ins company. I then contacted there Ins company (was on hold with them for a long time) Segwick and talked with Tammy and she started a claim and said I would receive a call from the examiners office within two business days. Now I spent most of the morning with this and my mailbox is still on the ground broken and I am now waiting on some kind of response from an Insurance company in Richfield, Minnesota (900 or so miles away). This is also a holiday week end so may even be delayed another day or so??

I am very unsatisfied as to how this was being handled.

First off they should be the ones to contact there Insurance company and they should be doing all the calls and such to make restitution for the damages caused by there driver to my property.

Do not use there so called Free Delivery>> the damages and stress is just not worth it>>I would pay much more and buy from a real company to avoid all this mess. If I ever buy from them again (which I doubt) I will meet there driver in a near by parking lot and pick up my item and never ever let these ***'s no were near my Home!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $169.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Pros: Quck rder processed.

Best Buy Cons: Finding out after the buy, Poor delivery service and hard to contact customer service.

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This company does NOT care that their delivery service is destroying their customer relations. Customer service doesn't care, Customer server management doesn't want to deal with any type of issue resolution or followup.

A very sad state for a once respectable, reliable company. I hope some BBY EVP wakes up and becomes a change agent.