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Update by user Jan 10, 2013

Best Buy came through!

Well I read several comments on this complaint and one was dead wrong. I never blamed any Best Buy employees.

I blame the buyers there who didn't do their research on products and on continuing to carry a brand or item that had policies not in keeping with excellent customer care. I have spent at least 60k at best buy since they came into existence. I never buy extended warranties on Televisions or computers because I never keep them more than two years. I have never needed any service on anything I ever bought there.

Panasonic absolutely refused to do anything for me. They claimed without seeing the unit that a power surge had damaged it. It was plugged into a Panasonic power surge protector. LOL.

I contacted the corporate office for Geek Squad and told them what happened. They took my information. About three weeks later a package arrived from Panasonic at my home. It was a board and a bag of screws.

A week later a Geek Squad team member came and installed it. He told me he does this all the time because the screws used to hold the board in were installed without proper thread locking agent at Panasonic causing them to loosen and start vibrating causing the humming sound I heard after the first week.

That ultimately causes the board to fail. I was charged nothing, but did have the television sitting there not working from August until Thanksgiving.

Original review posted by user Aug 31, 2012

I bought an Open-Box television at Best Buy. It was.

Panasonic TC-P50UT50. I paid $900 fo it.

I was told nothing was wrong. It was in its original carton and was never unwrapped.

Never used. I was told it had the full manufacturer's warranty. Two months passed and it has failed. Best Buy said they can't do anything at all to contact Panasonic.

Panasonic states it does not cover the particular failure (power supply).

WHY ON EARTH WOULD BEST BUY SELL SOMETHING THAT HAS NO WARRANTY FOR A COMMON PART FAILURE? Best Buy stole my money by selling product from a manufacturer who doesn't care.

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shut up, you're an ***. you act as if the employees could magically know that your TV would fail within a couple months.

this why they offer extended warranties but people like you usually give the "oh I won't need it" or "I've had good luck in the past" responses. the manufacturer is responsible.


I have always shopped and Best Buy and received very good service. I have bought all my major appliances at best buy along with the extended service plan.

My refigerator a bought at best buy 15 years ago is still working. I should blame Best Buy for selling me the extended service plan which I never used. My washer and dryer was purchased 8 years ago and still working. The only time I called for service on that was the dryer vent hose to the outside came off and being elderly I could not get the dryer moved out enough to replace it.

Best Buy sent someone out and was very nice and replaced it. It was not covered under my warrenty but the tech refused to let me pay for it. TV 5 years old and still working. Computer 3 yeard old and still working.

All computer I have had was replaced with a new one before I had any trouble. My conclusion is people on this board or only hearing one side without the benefit of all the facts.


I find this very hard to believe. There has to be more to this story.

I work at Best Buy and we would cover the TV without issue. There is a 30 day return on the product as long as you haven't physically damaged it. We honor the 1 yr manufactuer warranty.

We would either send it out for service or send a technician to your residence. There is no reason we wouldn't take care of this, so there must be more to this story.


Was this diagnosed by a professional? Other than a lightening strike to your power supply, electrical defects are covered.

Something's wrong here. Stop with the extended warranty nonsense. Mfr warranty applies in year 1.

Also, you were "told" nothing was wrong with the unit.

Classic. Shop elsewhere.


The first comment on this page is absolutely 100% correct. Also the manufacturer will ABSOLUTELY cover this part.

Dont' believe everything you hear. Also Best Buy does offer a protection plan for all of their products called Geek "Squad Protection", which also makes it easier (if purchased) for the company to swap/ give store credit to the customer after the product is well outside of return policy.

Most negative reviews (extremely sad to say) is due to customer ignorance and lack of technological knowledge. Smarten up ALL OF YOU


1) Don't ever buy a used, refurbished or opened item. They may seem like a good deal, but it doesn't save money in the long run?

2) Best Buys return policy is 30 days.

3) Did you buy the extended warranty? That may cover it.