Snellville, Georgia
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I just had the most awful customer service interaction with A customer service representative on the phone. I purchased a Apple Watch for a family member for Christmas. I was expecting the package today after calling UPS I found out that the package was not picked up as yet. I called customer service where a reps tells me the package was lost. I then proceeded to ask the customer service rep why was I not contacted about the status of my shipment instead of calling to find out. He had no answer for me. He proceeds to tell me that my order will be reshipped to me at no additional cost. I proceed to ask at that time is there any way I can have this item for store pick. He then turns around and tells me that "once you told me that the packag was lost I instantly hit reorder" so at the end I am being told don't worry we are expediting it to you so you should have it by Friday. When I asked how does that make any sense seeing that today is Tuesday if it was expedited shipment should it not be here tomorrow I was told no that's the earliest I could have the item. At this point I requested to speak with a manger and was told there is notting they can do so I insisted to speak to a manager again this continues for four more times. Finally I am told he is getting me a manager so I am placed on hold, after sitting on hold for 41mins with no relief insight I decided to hang up and call back. My second call went a little bit better the young lady I spoke with was a bit more helpful after I explained the situation to her she puts me on hold for a few moments here and there trying to see what she can do after several minutes I am told we are not able to pick up the item (42mm ST Apple Watch) at any of the local stores near us. The young lady goes on to tell me that she is sorry but what she can do is offer me a 10 gift card I said thank you but $10 dollars buys notting at Best Buy.

As I write this issue down I am forced to ask my self if all I am worth to Best Buy as a customer is $10 even after the fact that I have spent over 2K with your company in less than a month. I MUST SAY I A AM EXTREAMELY DISAPOINTED WITH MY LEVEL OF SERVICE. But what can I say at the end of the day they have take there money and I am forced to deal with *** service.

Serita Muthusamy


Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Deal.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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