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Ok so on 7/22/2015 my husband and I purchased a samsung 65 inch 4k curved tv. The promotion was buy the tv get a samsung S6 cell phone free (FREE)!

mind you the tv was around $3200.00, not cheap. Well I just realized today 2/13/17 that I have paid more than $500.00 for the phone with a balance of $177.00. I have Vrerizon as my carrier and they informed me today of the balance of my phone. I was calling Verizon because my bill was high and I was going to cancel when they said I had a balance on my phone.

Now my husband's phone is umder my account and he purchased it at the time we bought the tv for $399.99 my phone was suppose yo be free but they put us under the same contract and charged me over $700.00 for my phone. My best buy receipt shows 00.00 for my S6 samsung phone but I was put under a device payment agreement.At the time I did not realize I was being charged for the phone I thought was signing for Verizon service only. The promotion said buy the tv get the S6 FREE!! I've talked to the store manager and he says he needs to see the contract and that I need to deal with Verizon, but best buy offered the phone free with activation from Verizon.

I have the contract and I did sign it but the deal was free phone with purchase of the tv. The manager does not recall the promotion even though he was employed there at the time. I am totally frustrated. I have been grieving the loss of my brother and grandmother back to back so I guess I didn't give much thought to my cell bill other than paying on time.

Please help I wss deceived and I spent $4100.00 that day.I feel like I wad tricked into a phone that was never free.

CHIRELLE McClurkin. email

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Deal.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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We purchased 2 new I phones in may 2016 bogo buy one and receive visa card in 3 months for the second phone from verizon. Never received visa card.

Best buy store manager says not their problem. They just advertised falsely.

We have all our paperwork. Verizon says best best buy never turned in paper work.