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My 89 year-old mom bought a 24" LCD TV 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately the other day she knkocked it over and broke the screen trying to catch it from falling.

Ok, tough lesson to learn on how fragile LCD TVs are, too bad. So, we go back to Best Buy where she bought the TV from, had to go to customer service. I didn't expect a refund since the damage was self-inflicted but I hoped to drop it off there for recycling, since I had noticed they offer this service on their website. Well, I was told it would cost me $25 for them to recycle the broken TV.

WTF?!?! The TV, on sale, cost only $100. I would have at least expected them to waive the fee if we bought a replacement TV there. Nope.

I recycled the broken TV for free at the local municipal recycling depot. Way to go Best Buy - lost another customer for life...

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I think it would be a good idea to advise Mom not to attempt to catch anything that falls from a cupboard, counter, table, etc.

The possible injury to her is far worse than some item or another falling or even breaking.

That was our rule in the machine shop where many things are heavy, sharp, or both and could take your fingers off or slice the skin or even land on the feet and smash toes and bones.

I know it's reflexive to try to catch something ... but please don't !