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I went to the Best Buy store in Poughkeepsie and purchased a Targus Chill Mat Plus for my laptop. The store manager was involved in the sale because the labeling of the item was misleading on the shelf.

When I got home, lo and behold there was no power cable which it turns out is "optional". No one ever bothered to tell me this. I called the store and after an hour of press this and that, I was totally unable to get a live persin on the phone. I tried calling mall management and they were closed.

I tried calling mall security and they had no other number. I am a breast cancer patient and had to take pain meds when I got home so I could not get behind the wheel amd drive back. This is *** poor customer service. I hear they are barely hanging on financially and may likely go under due to Amazon.

No wonder with such poor customer, actially non-existent, customer service.

It is no wonder they are going to go belly up. The difference betweem Amazon and a physical store is that with a physical store YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO GET HELP!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Breast cancer survivors... I tell you, they deserve a medal for not reading the packaging.

You sure as *** read the labeling on the shelf.


For your information the item was mislabeled on the shelf. You are heartless.

I can only hope that you or a family member loses a spouse of 43 years as I did and 9 months later has breast cancer. Wait til it happens to you and yours.


Just a suggestion wishing things like that on people shows your lack of character. And as for the complaint in general an item like a chill mat isn't something an associate is garunteed to know what it comes with (ie cables) they are the type of item that an associate should know their purpose and be able to recommend to a customer but not one that needs to be known in full detail. (At least in my experience working as a tech associate at staples)


"The store manager was involved in the sale because the labeling of the item was misleading on the shelf."

Yup. No need to read any further.

Out looking for anything to pick a fight over. "Hey, Billy Bob! Look! Some previous shopper placed a Rolex near the discounted, off-brand headphones!

It TOTALLY means the Rolex only costs $9.99. I'm going to be such a miserable POS that eventually the store just pays me to go away!"

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