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I bought a computer from Best buy on 4-1-11 at the Best Buy location at northest mall in Hurst Texas. I use the computer at home for a business I operate from there.

About 2 months ago I started having problems with the computer not wanting to read any disc. I went down to the store and talked to a representative about the problems I was having. She pulled up a copy of my receipt and said what kind of anti viruse do you have on your computer. I said I dont know and I thought it came with 1 when I bought it.

She said well the man that sold it to you forgot to give it to you when he sold it to you. She called a manager over and she gave it to me at no charge. Well I took it home and couldnt get it to load up. my computer started acting up more so I took it to Best Buy and had the tech support to look at it since I had bought the extra warranty.

They called me the next day and said that since I had 35 viruses in the computer that they would have to have the recovery disc to fix the computer and I needed to bring it up. I said ok and went home to look in the box I had saved. It was not in the box, so I called best buy back and the employee told me well it didnt come with one, why didnt you tell me that before i spent all that time looking for it??? I went back to best buy and talked to the tech support, I told them I need another computer or I need this one fixed, I work at home?

Sorry no help from tech support. I then asked for the manager, i gave her the whole story. She said sorry we messed up, thats all I can do. But guess what the story doesnt end there.

I then called the company Hp that made the computer to order a recovery disc. That is when I found at why the computer doesnt come with the recovery disc. The company charged me about $25 dollsrs to send it out. After all of this i am still sitting at home and I cant even get on the internet and do business.

I am no computer whiz, if I was I would have known what to do and I wouldnt be in the pickle I am now. I have learned a lesson on what not to do and that is dont buy anything from Best Buy, if you do and there is a problem, you are on your own.

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these newer computers usually have you make the disks yourself when you first get your computer. if you didnt make the disks you screwed up. the viruses you have on the pc will now refuse to load any antivirus software.

go out and buy a new copy of windows and reformat/reinstall your system and add antivirus software before you even connect to the internet.


If you are not a computer whiz, then you should have read all the documentation that Came with your computer, and gone through the entire introduction to Windows that comes on when you first boot up. If you had you would have learned how to make your own recovery disc, and all about the antivirus software that you didn't get, then you would have known right away that you didn't get it and avoided a lot of these problems.


If you can't get on the Internet because your computer supposedly doesn't work. Then how are you able to get online to file this complaint?

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