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I purchased a $600 Sony 40 inch flat screen TV on March 11, 2011 along with spending a couple thousand on a computer. The TV quit working, I returned it to Best Buy this morning only to be told that there is only a 30 day warranty period and I should have bought their extended warranty.

The TV is only 8 weeks old, and is now out of stock. The geek squad hooked it up at the store and said nothing was wrong. We had to bring it home, hook it up, and it still doesn't work. I never saw it work at the store.

The geek squad "forgot" to put my remote and paperwork back in the box with my TV, so now they have to mail it to me before I can have anyone here to look at it. I buy all my company's electronic devices, however I WILL NEVER BUY AT BEST BUY AGAIN!!!! Best Buy store managers need to take a Dale Carnegie course on cusomer relations. I'm going to follow this up with a call to the Consumer Affairs division of my NBC affiliate.

This is a $600 lesson for me on Best Buy customer service.

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Thanks for the Heads Up. I'll make sure never to buy a television from Best Buy.

And you were right not to buy the extended warranty. And well read person knows that 99.9% of the time they are a scam.

They should have given you another television free of charge, simply as a matter of decency and good business practice. They should follow the golden rule.


I am so sick and tired of these *** complaints about the return policy. 30 days is pretty freakin standard in retail stores.

Not to mention, best buys return policy is posted inside the stores and on the back of your receipt. And I hate ppl who say, why would I look on the back of my receipt?

Because if you buy something, especially something that is several hundred dollars, you should probably be aware of all the policied concerning your product. Seriously, its so ***.


Best Buy has 30 day return policy so you cant exchange it but you can get it out for service through them and sent to be fixed under manufacture warrenty. But no store is going to take back a TV anytime it stops working, you got the 30 days, or even 45 days if you are a silver member I think. Research stores policies most are around 30 days.


have you ever heard of the term return policy? :grin


Obvious *** is obvious.

Research the item and the store policies before you buy, you ***.


You knew the return policy before you bought the TV right? No return policy extends beyond 30 days for a TV.


Best Buy told you that they wouldn't accept a return after 30 days. You were not told the warranty was only 30 days on a new product. Contact Sony service.


Contact Sony Asap. Also contact corporate Best Buy regarding how your were treated.

Sony tech support and Pr are the places to complain. If you have further issues contact us at


Chill out bro. You didn't buy their warranty and they don't have to fix it for you.

Nearly all stores have only a 30 day policy on electronic returns.

However, I don't understand why you didn't call the manufacture's tech support number. Your TV has at least a 1 year manufacture warranty.

You realize that, right? :roll

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