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I recently tried to purchase a laptop from Best Buy utilizing their 6 month no interest plan with the best buy card. I opened the card and purchased 2 items for site to store pick up.

One item was "shipped" to a different store so they would not let me pick it up. I then contacted bestbuy.com and they told me that they switched the delivery location and I should wait for the switch (10 min). I waited 40 minutes and was told by an employee that the bestbuy.com people always lie about switching the location and it would take much longer than 10 min. I left and called bestbuy.com again so I wouldn't have to walk down to the store without being able to pick up the laptop.

I was then told that my account was overdrawn and they could not approve a new purchase. This is the same account I had just opened two days earlier. It turns out they tried to charge me twice for the same item. Then I was told that it would take 3 days to fix.

Long story short (too late).. I ended up speaking with a supervisor Laura Lea and she assured me that If I purchase the laptop she will fix everything and send me a gift certificate for $50 for my trouble. I spent over 5 total hours on the phone and coutless more hours walking to and from the store in NYC 13 blocks away. I finally got the laptop and called 2 weeks later about the gift certificate and it turns out that Laura Lea never put in a request and they are now telling me it is too late to return the laptop.

Best Buy employees seem to have no pride in their work and lie to cover up their lack of skill as an employee.

I will never shop at Best Buy again. Thanks Laura Lea you are just another person at Best Buy who sucks at their Job.

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do you know how to make a dotcom return...? didnt think so.

I apologize for the lack of compassion, but what customers absolutely do not understand is that anything you purchase off of bestbuy.com is run through an entirely different system. In store, employees have very little access to what they can actually do if an online order goes awry, so unfortunately you have to call the 888bestbuy number, wait forever to talk to a person, and then find out there is a 2 hr hold on your order in which we absolutely cannot touch it. I get the frustration, however if youre doing site to store and its for a product that the store doesnt carry or is out of stock of I ALWAYS recommend coming into the store and having a employee place the order for you. Yes, it can be an inconvienence however in store they have many ordering options with faster shipping, and access to any backorder information, etc.

Its just an overall better experience for the customer, trust me. Now as for the giftcard issue, I can't speak for that person, however if someone promised me free money I wouldn't just be hanging around for 2 weeks to hear about it. If you still hate bestbuy, thats fine. Other retailers have the same online and instore ordering systems, so you're not getting away from it unfortunately.

And it seems like you may have some trouble correctly ordering from websites (hence the issue to begin with...? user error is what I'm getting out of it. please correct me if wrong:)) sooo amazon, ebay, other online only shopping systems may not be your cup of tea either. Hope this gives you some kind of clarity, deeper information, whatever.

Even if it just *** you off to no end at least you're aware now. Happy Shopping

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