Little Rock, Arkansas

Their *** automated system sent an email to my wife thanking her for the purchase of an iPad. Thing is, I purchased it for her Christmas gift.

Thanks Best Buy for ruining the surprise.

I'm taking it back and going to purchase it from the Apple store now. Best Buy can kiss my ***.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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:: facepalm ::


You are the one who confirmed your info on the touch pad before you were allowed to pay. Once again, another customer who wants to blame someone else for his own incompetence!


Did you use your reward account to get the points and is her e-mail attached to that? Did you get the Geek Squad Protection Plan attached to it and had the document e-mailed instead of a hard copy? This seems like a you issue and not a store issue, because you should have been more aware of your choices when making the purchase if it was supposed to be a surprise.

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