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I am a true believer in the Santa spirit for Christmas. I think Best Buy commercials are awful this year.

How dare they put these commercials on the air. They are ruining the Christmas spirit and making Santa look like an awful person. What was Best Buy thinking about when they created these commercials. I will not buy in their stores because of what they are doing to Santa and the miracle of christmas.

Has anyone seen these commercials this year!

What do you think. They have these obnoxious women putting Santa down. They bought at Best Buy, what does Santa have. Come on why do they have to take the fun out of Christmas.

Santa is a big part of Christmas. What happens if children see these commericals.

Give me a break, Best Buy, don't take Santa down because you think your products are the best. I am no longer your customer.

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lol all of these comments are about the commercials ruining the spirit of christmas and then it turns to "parents shouldn't always buy everything their kids want. It should mean something and they should respect what they get."And that's Best Buy's fault?

It's their fault you can't teach your kids how to behave and learn the value of s.hit?

It's their fault you have to trick them with the whole Santa image to get them to be good kids? Get the f.uck out of here with that s.hit, you m0rons.


I agree with everyone, Best Buy just lost my business forever due to their tasteless ads. There are plenty of electronic outlets that will now get my business.


These commercials are just awful, Meanspirited and they make you feel uncomfortable.

Complete opposite of what this season is meant stands for.I keep hoping that the feeling of goodwill towards all will eventually carry into the rest of our year and Best Buy tries to squash it altogether.

You just lost a faithful shopper.


Best Buy Christmas ads, have a new low in bad taste. The advertising director who thought this up or just approved it's running should be looking for a new job.

I hear they have an opening for a Santa position at another store. :upset


I have to agree, its bad enough Best Buy had to jump into the spirit of greed and open for Black Friday on Thanksgiving Day like several other greedy retailers. But their over the top its all about greed ad campaign is just hideous.

I hope more people that are turned off by these ads start boycotting Best Buy.

Christmas is not about greed and stuffing stocking with $1000's of dollars of ***. And with the economy impacting so many Americans the ad campaign is a kick in the face.


I won't set foot in a BEST BUY due to their commercial campaign this season. I thought commercials were supposed to draw you in and make you buy???

All they do is keep me out.

Poor taste if you ask me...kicking Santa off the roof. My 3 year old nephew saw it and wanted to know why the lady was mean to Santa....enough said!


Wether he is real or not its the spirit of christmas and the image of santa they are ruining. And parents shouldn't always buy everything their kids want.

It should mean something and they should respect what they get. Which I see alot of kids not doing, they think they are entitled to the big gifts.

Give them santa gifts or just give them coal. And best buy stinks.


I just think Best Buy is ruining the spirit of Christmas. That is all I am saying.


To "the children." --Have you ever been in a store during the Christmas shopping season? Even before the Best Buy commercials kids were crying to their parents about what they wanted for Christmas.


It's not that santa is real or isn't real, it's the fact that it's ruining the image of christmas. Instead of a child making a wish list for santa they can just complain and cry to their parents to get them the expensive gifts that they want. It's awful and Best Buy should stop airing those commercials


You do realize Santa doesn't exist right?