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My son wanted an iPhone for Xmas , so I went online and tried different sites but the reviews were all discouraging, so I decided to go with Best Buy prepaid for him , he is 10 yrs old n shouldn't need too much stuff. The phone arrived , I paid about 220$ for iPhone 5s tax included.

When I got the phone it has a paper in it that said call a number for activation, I called it n it wasn't a working number. I called Best Buy n it took two call of 35 minutes waiting to tell me they can't help me on prepaid phones, I went to closest Best Buy store n said the same thing- go to the carrier for help. Why would I need a middle man ? In Best Buy , but they never said that on their website.

I went to boost mobile for help, then we realized there was no SIM card in d phone, I ended up paying another 100$ for activation fee, SIM card fee, minutes etc . The phone is working fine it's just d non disclosure that hurt my feelings n the extra money I had to cough out.

N this was all on Friday night n Saturday morning a day before Xmas # a lot of stress . Buyers beware.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Aww! You had hurt feelings?

So sad!

Anyway, it always tickles me when people try to be tightwads by purchasing cheap products and/or services, then are mad when they realize why the products and/or services or cheap.

Finally, Best Buy is not a telephone company.

How would they get you minutes? That would be like me buying a TV from there and then being mad at them because I wasn't getting cable on my TV.

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