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Best Buy team NEVER knows what is going on. I recently applied for the Best Buy card (Chase) and bought a computer.

Before and after the purchase, I called them many times, spoke with attendants to make sure I would be joining the finance program to avoid interest. Yesterday I received my second bill, and noticed a $50 interest. Called Best Buy 3 times and NOBODY was able to solve my problem. The only way to get rid of this sh...

was by paying the TOTAL AMOUNT this morning.

Lucky I had the money to pay it right away, but my concern is not that, but the time I spent, documents I provided to get this card, and the worst part, because of Best Buy miscommunication, I am the one affected. I found the deal in many other stores, so from today, Best Buy no more.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Best Buy Cons: Slow to assist, Customer service.

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The terms for a Best Buy Visa and a My Rewards card are different. For example, you CAN'T take advantage of 6-12-18-24 month interest free financing with a Best Buy Visa card.


Best Buy staff wouldn't know what was going on with that because it's dependent on how it was originally charged to the credit card you applied for. So you have to ask the person ringing you out if they didn't ask you first, because there are multiple tiers of how you would like it charged (decline no-interest for bonus points, no-interest for...

no-interest). There should have been an option for you on the keypad to choose how you would like to finance your purchase.

If you weren't able to get the financing situation you wanted, then you'd have to call the numbers on the card and not the store. I think the only thing the store can do is to refund your purchase and then re-buy it...

but I'm not completely sure. Regardless, I'm sorry that happened to you (because it does seem like the ball was dropped on the BB side when you made that purchase, to begin with).


*information based off of experiences with the US stores.

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