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They cheat when you apply for their credit card.

They have two types of cards:

1.) Best Buy reward Zone Card: This card is of no use since you cannot use it anywhere else except Best Buy.

2.) BEST BUY REWARD ZONE MASTER CARD: This card is a normal Master Card with best buy rewards which is somewhat useful and you can use it anywhere.

If you apply for any of the card they will run a credit History check on your account and it is only useful if they are giving you a master card.

They will tell you that you are approved for BEST BUY REWARD ZONE MASTER CARD.

After telling you that they are going to give a Master Card which would work as a any other normal credit card.they will give a simple best buy reward zone card which you cannot use anywhere else except best buy.

When I called them to tell that I have received a simple Reward Zone card instead of Reward Zone Master card I was on hold for about 40 minutes and was getting transferred from one department to another and then after long hold the HSBC representative told me that you were approved for only Reward Zone card not the Master card.

In the end when I went for clarification I was given a *** Answer that this simple reward zone card has been automatically approved by the system.

I was supposed to get the Master card as per representative at Best buy but what I have got is a simple reward card.

I was wrongly informed by the best buy associate that I have been approved for a master card and without my consent a simple reward card was sent to me. I am really pissed off with the attitude of lack of proper information by the best buy employees for their customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Credit Card.

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The bank decides what card to give you not bestbuy. There are two applications one with both and one just for the master card.

It's harder to get just a master card so most of the time they use the one with both. Because most people apply so they can buy something lik a mac or new tv.


You applied for the wrong card. Get over it.