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I had purchased a Samsung LCD about an year ago on boxing day 2010 at a BestBuy store in Ottawa. I had also purchased an extended warranty for 3 years. Its not even been an year and i tried to call bestbuy customer service about my TV as i was having a problem with my resolution. My tv changed its resolution automatically when i connected my PS3, It changed from 1080 to 720. There is no way i amablke tochangethe resolution back so the representative from the customer service departmenttold me i need to call GEEKsquad. It is what they call their tech-support. So i called them and they wantedto charge me $99, just to come to my house and changemy res. I am a student and i dont expect any store to charge customers for their after sales service even tough they have also puchased an extended warranty. I clearly denied paying it and also offered them that i would bring the tv myself to the store and if they could help me there. Theydint even approve of that. Now i am stuck with an amazing LCD with a very *** resolution which cannot be changed untili pay them more money.

Doesnt make sense for such a warranty.

I wish i could *** the 1-star that i have rated best buy cuz nor do their staff have manners on the phone with their customers and nor do they have good communication skills as i was transfered 8 to 9times on that one call for such a small issue and still unresolved.

Very bad after sales service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Representative.

Monetary Loss: $850.

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The resolution settings need to be changed in the Playstation settings and if you want 1080p resolution, you have to use an HDMI cable. It has nothing to do with your TV.

I would charge you too because it sounds like it's more user incompetence rather than a defective TV.

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