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I ordered an appliance and put in preferred delivery date with this. the store contacted me to state that they could not deliver this until the next Friday.

I took off work and got rid of the old stove on this date. The stove never showed up. When I called, they just transferred me to my local store. The guy I was talking to had no idea what was going on.

He said they were just making him the bad guy, to tell me that the stove was on backorder. Online on my account there was nothing stating backorder. It just said that the stove was to be delivered during the time they had set up. I called back and tried to find a way to get another stove or have something worked out, but they were not helpful.

Told me it would be best to just go somewhere else to get my stove.

Now that is poor customer service if ever I saw it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Best Buy Cons: Customer service.

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#935574 allows you to select a "prefered date" for delivery, when dealing with appliances. Most of the time, the delivery of the appliance is handled through the local Best Buy store.

They receive the information, and then contact the customer to verify the order details. If the item selected is a "special order", or an item not usually carried in Best Buy stores or in the warehouse, then they notify the customer and either cancel, confirm or change the delivery accordingly. Other reasons might be something AS SIMPLE AS not having a space available on the delivery truck for the date requested. It's not a perfect system, but at least they do try to contact you as soon as they see a problem with the delivery.

In your area, that may be handled by the delivery warehouse instead of the store. Unfortunately, in order to get it right (75% of the time), it's going to require a trip to the store.


To Best_Buy_Tom:

I spoke to the Best Buy store that day. This was not a special delivery item.

It was a stove listed as in stock. The delivery date I selected was not good for them so they called and rescheduled to this past Friday. When I spoke to the store, they said was supposed to call me and let me know that the item was backordered. When I spoke to, they said it was the store's responsibility.

I am not mad that it was backordered. I am mad that no one told me. On my order page online it still stated that the order was scheduled for delivery Friday between 1130-130. I would never have gotten mad if someone had just called to stay that the order was on backorder and no one was coming.

Instead I took off work and got rid of the old stove. Someone should have called as simple as that. And the two people I spoke to on were not very helpful or nice. The second one told me to cancel my order and get a stove somewhere else.

Listen to the conversation. I know it was reordered. I never once yelled, cussed, etc. I just said I need a stove.

any stove. If they could have said, "hey we have another one similar in stock, let me help you with this" that would have been GREAT customer service. Not, just cancel your order and get this somewhere else. When I tried to cancel my order, I was not able to online.

So I had to call back. again. This guy was very nice and even he could not cancel the order. He was apologetic and said he would work on it and call back when he was able to get it cancelled.

He called back about 45 mins later to say he got the order cancelled. Again, he was very nice. But that is a messed up system best buy has. All it would take would be a phone call.

I got a phone call asking if last Friday was ok for delivery. Why couldn't I get a phone call stating that the product was not able to be delivered?

I would have been very understanding about that. AS SIMPLE AS that.


This is totally unacceptable! As consumers, we must ban together to stop this type of incompetence.

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