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We decided to upgrade our Sprint cell phones thru Best Buy because they offered a much better price than Sprint. They talked to us about their wonderful "Black Tie Protection Plan" that they offer at $10.00 per phone per month. It sounded great as we were promised similar phones as a loaner if and when we needed service. LIE!! My daughter was having problems with her Palm Pixie and took it into the local Best Buy in Plano, TX. They took her phone in on 3/12/2010 for the repair of the speaker and the casing that was falling off of the phone.

After 3 full weeks of waiting for the phone they called and said it was ready. Went and picked it up and upon opening the packaging we noticed that it was not the correct phone. Totally different phone, color....I went back to the girl that was helping me. I told her that this was not the right phone.."What do you mean not the right phone?" Duh ***....I wasn't speaing a foreign language. She took the phone and rolled her eyes at me and made a hmmm sound at me. Wrong thing to do little girl. She looked up some numbers in the system spoke to the Manager and then told me there was nothing that they can do. WHAT???? Customer Service??? Where did it go??? They said that they will have to send it back to their service center. They totally misrepresent the Black Tie Protection Plan. We were told it would be approx. another 3-6 weeks.

Best Buy has lost us as a customer. They misrepresented themselves by stating that if service was needed they would have a similar phone for use....LIE. They only have 1 smart phone and the rest are generic regular phones. They did not state that they farms out the work, made it sound like they did the reapirs there with the Geek Squad......LIE again.

WARNING......DO NOT PURCHARE ANY WARRANTIES THRU BEST BUY OR THE GEEK SQUAD.......Best Buy has incompetent companies working on their behalf and representing them. Very dissatisified.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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rational t

I have had great service through the Best Buy Geek Squad Black Tie Protection. Honestly I had no problem switching out my two busted laptops and cameras.

And to top it off since I was buying a few accessories with my new PC I got some amazing discounts.

Plus it all went on my reward zone card so I earned about another $50 just from spending what I came to spend. Its a shame that people get so angry and don't realize the amazing services right in front of their faces.

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