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We decided to upgrade our Sprint cell phones thru Best Buy because they offered a much better price than Sprint. They talked to us about their wonderful "Black Tie Protection Plan" that they offer at $10.00 per phone per month. It sounded great as we were promised similar phones as a loaner if and when we needed service. LIE!! My daughter was having problems with her Palm Pixie and took it into the local Best Buy in Plano, TX. They took her phone in on 3/12/2010 for the repair of the speaker and the casing that was falling off of the phone.

After 3 full weeks of waiting for the phone they called and said it was ready. Went and picked it up and upon opening the packaging we noticed that it was not the correct phone. Totally different phone, color....I went back to the girl that was helping me. I told her that this was not the right phone.."What do you mean not the right phone?" Duh ***....I wasn't speaing a foreign language. She took the phone and rolled her eyes at me and made a hmmm sound at me. Wrong thing to do little girl. She looked up some numbers in the system spoke to the Manager and then told me there was nothing that they can do. WHAT???? Customer Service??? Where did it go??? They said that they will have to send it back to their service center. They totally misrepresent the Black Tie Protection Plan. We were told it would be approx. another 3-6 weeks.

Best Buy has lost us as a customer. They misrepresented themselves by stating that if service was needed they would have a similar phone for use....LIE. They only have 1 smart phone and the rest are generic regular phones. They did not state that they farms out the work, made it sound like they did the reapirs there with the Geek Squad......LIE again.

WARNING......DO NOT PURCHARE ANY WARRANTIES THRU BEST BUY OR THE GEEK SQUAD.......Best Buy has incompetent companies working on their behalf and representing them. Very dissatisified.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Just purchased a Best Buy extended 3 year warranty for over $300. On my $800 laptop purchased in 2010 and a couple months later I have a blue screen on my laptop.

I had a similiar issuea year earlier and the fan was replaced a the computer was restored. This time I stood a the counter for 45 minutes while the very rude salesperson looked for Tech Support coverage which, as it turns out, I did not have. The year prior I had both a hardware issue and a software issue and they fixed both under warranty without mention of having to have a tech support warranty. Now their telling me I needed to have tech support warranty coverage for them to fix it.

I was so upset the manager said he would fix the software issue as a "courtesy." A week later I receive a call telling me there was an issue with the fan and it has been repaired so I can come pick it up. I get there today and watch as the salesperson opens it and it starts up and crashes to a blue screen again. After embarrassing myself some more by emotionally reacting to a rude, incompetant and lazy salesperson I got the manager, Jason. After some more waiting he agreed to correct the "software" issue as a "courtesy." I will be grateful when my computer is returned to me working order again but I am fearful of future incidents in the next 3 years.

I really feel cheated and so disappointed in Best Buy for their sneaky sales tactics. I just bought 2 air conditioner units and warranties for both.

I am considering getting my money back for all my Best Buy warranties; I currently have 4. If anyone knows a better warranty company I can use, please let me know.


i have the black tie protection plan and need a battery bfor my blackberry the store in east hanover nj order it. well its been several months and no battery . now the phone is missing i wondering if the plan covers lost phones


@Ignorance is annoyance: You are obviously a Best Buy employee, and an *** to boot.

I purchased the Black Tie warranty for my Sony PS3, and the plan stated that I would receive a replacement off the shelf. Employees at two locations told me that this was indeed the plan that I had based on a unique code associated with my name.

However, supervisors at both locations nixed the exchange saying that company policy no longer allowed off-the-shelf swaps. It doesn't matter that this was what I paid for. I instead was forced to send it off and am waiting for a replacement to be mailed to me.

I would have lost all of my data, as well, if I hadn't figured out how to reformat an external drive to FAT32 in order to back my PS3 up. No one in the "Geek Squad" had a clue how to do it, but a simple YouTube search showed me how.


The loaner phone program will be a similar replacement. A smartphone will be replaced with a smartphone, a basic phone will be replaced with a basic phone while you are waiting for repair. It may not be the exact same phone, but it will be comparable.

There are two processes a Black Tie claim can be handled under, Rapid Exchange, which will give you a refurbished replacement within 2-3 days, or the repair process, which ships the phone to the service center and generally takes about 3 weeks. If the phone is not able to be fixed, a junk out credit will be issued for the retail value of the phone.

I had a top of the line Droid that was dropped, cracking the screen. It was sent out for repair, was unable to be fixed, and I got my $700 store credit. I wasn't upset that it took 3 weeks because I actually took the time to understand how the process would work before I bought it. In the meantime I was given a different android loaner, but one that was certainly enough to get the job done. Interestingly enough, I did not go weeks at a time without a phone, I just went a couple of weeks with a different phone.

I do have to agree with Ignorance is Annoyance to a degree. Best Buy employees rarely mislead customers on service plans intentionally, but misunderstandings do occur on occasion. That is why you get a Black Tie Protection packet either handed or emailed to you at the time of purchase. Regardless of what the employee tells you, you have a copy of the policy. If you read the policy and do not like your coverage, we have a return policy that will allow you to obtain a refund. If you do not read the terms and conditions and are surprised when the coverage is not what you expected, you have nobody to blame but yourself.


Had the EVO from Sprint, had to have it sent out, they gave me the EVO 3D as a loaner, its better than the phone i currently own


I had a very similar experience. When Best Buy contacted me to tell me my "repaired" phone was back, I went to pick it up and it was a COMPLETELY different phone.

I complained to the better business bureau! That was one big mess!!


as an employee i was told my camera would take 2 weeks for the repair! 4 weeks later i get my camera back prob not fixed and damaged.

i had to argue with the sales manager to get anything done about it. the old plans we used to sell were much better then what we offer now. oh do not even think about the buy back program! wanna talk about a joke?

not very good for the consumer. sell the item on craigs list. no matter what you are never going to get your money back out of it, so why pay to get a trade in? just think if car lots starting doing that?

more people would buy cars from a person and not a company! thats all i am saying.


Bought a $800 Cannon camera that was broke and $550 Denon (made in china) receiver that was broke.

Returned and bought though Crutchfield.


Best Buy now offers phones that are comparable to the phone that you are using but keep in mind many companies do not offer loaner phones. In this case your daughter may have been able to still use the phone until she got a replacement but some customers have phones that can't turn on or are unresponsive so ANY phone would have been better than NO phone and you would have still had to pay your bill for that month and then the deductible for your new phone with any other plan.

I'm sorry but as far as that laptop goes, that should not be considered "accidental damage." You have every right to use your laptop in any way that you'd like however, you made yourself susceptible to damage by putting it on top of your car.

We cover things that could likely happen by MISTAKE not by neglect. What if it started raining? What if a bird came by and did it's business on your laptop? A gust of wind knocking it over?

Or even, if it was a sunny day, the chance of heat damage from the sun or screen damage? Some things are just OBVIOUS no-no's when it comes to electronics...


I have had it with them.

Don't you think it is time for a class action lawsuit to recover our wasted money on a useless service?


So I thought it might be nice for the people upset to here from a sales associate first hand. First, I apologize that the sales associates mislead you and were just plan *** at representing our services.

I work with phones and we have definitely changed our policies in this particular service plan. We now offer comparable models (we have an evo, blackberry, etc, just can't do that for the IPhone.) Also we have a policy that if the phone has been at our service center for more than 30 days, you automatically get a new phone. We do cover accidental (I actually have replaced a phone that got eater by a dog, run over with a car...) but we do still have to send it out according to manufacturer.

As far as the laptop situation, that definitely should have been covered, it is clearly accidental damage and I'm not sure why that store did not help you out.

I'm not a Best Buy kool-aid drinker by any means but I fill like you deserve some answers as you help keep me in a job. I apologize again for all the *** you've had to go through.


@ignorance is annoyance- You do not know what you are talking about. You are defending an indefensible service plan. Best Buy employees lie about the plan in order to get suckers (like me) to purchase this garbage.

I bought my Droid on 11/08/2009. I bought the service plan and have paid for it up until now, 14 months later. I was specifically told that the BB plan was better than the Verizon plan, hence the additional cost. IT IS NOT BETTER. I will gladly pay the $50 deductable for the convenience of having Verizon send me a refurb phone prior to sending them my old phone. BB has no concept of customer service.

Just think for a second- In 2011 BB expects their customers who pay 50% more (vs Verizon) for a service plan to be without a phone for weeks at a time. Completely unacceptable and not explained to me at the time of purchase.

I was told by the BB employee that I should have a backup phone. Um, why? I paid for "The Cadillac of Service Plans". I donate my old phones to a battered women's shelter. So sorry for that...

Consider this me flipping a cyber-bird at Best Buy. Scumsuckingbottomfeeders.

They truly were the Best when they went after Circuit City. Now that CC is gone, BB just plain sucks.


Best Buy has to send out certain brands of phones as delegated by that phone's company. Best Buy cannot control that your Pixie has to be sent out for service as it is required and delegated by their company.

It's also amazing to me that people know nothing about procedures and yet *** as if they do. ASK why your phone has to be sent away and maybe you'll learn something. Phones require different repairs than computers and cameras. I really can't stand when people complain about things without doing any research.

Read before you buy and ask questions so you know what you are buying.

If you don't then it's your fault you're suprised by the type of service. You are only displeased because you didn't read about the service you were buying.


I've been having the black tie protection for the past three years. before reading this notes, I had mixed thoughts about their plans.

I found out after reading one of this notes that BB doesn't give you the retail price credit? If this is true I was also never informed of such important change. They brag about not having deductibles but every time I ship my phone it takes a full month, a full month of paying for services the phones they provide are not compatible with current plan. Their generic phones are hideous, It is embarrassing.

I just broke my screen I hope I get my problem fix. Otherwise BB will lose my business.


I agree, I am VERY DISSAPOINTED with the Black Tie Protection Program. I am paying monthly for this plan for my kids phones, but anytime I have to deal with BB regarding the phones, it’s a fight. Best Buy does not have to fight with me to get the payment, I do what I said I would do and make the payment. But when I have to get BB to do what they said they would, it is a problem, on multiple occasions.

Most recently, my daughter had a problem with her Palm Pixi. She returned the phone under the protection plan and received rude service. After more than a month she was informed that her phone was un-fixable and she should come in and get a new phone, any phone under $600 (retail price). She is away at college, so she called to get advice as to which phone to get because the Palm is no longer carried by Best Buy. She looked at the store there, we looked at our local store, and all the while we were informed that she could get any phone under $600. We picked a phone, but when she went to pick it up, she was informed that a mistake had been made and she had $450 to spend because that is the retail price of the Palm.

Ok, so we look at phones again in the price range. Nothing great was available, so I called to ask if I could just pay the difference between her “allowance” and a better phone. I received EXTREMELY RUDE service on the phone, was told to just review the pamphlet I received when I purchased the phone, or come in to talk with someone because it was too hard to explain over the phone. I said that I was at work, so I did not have the pamphlet, and I could not come in because I did not live there. I asked if I could talk with someone else who could explain the protection plan to me and was told a manager would call me. THAT NEVER HAPPENED.

I called the next day to speak with a manager and was transferred to a sales person in the mobile phone dept. I asked again if I could speak to a manager and was informed that there was no manager there that day. I explained the situation and was told it would be taken care of either by giving us the phone she wanted, or letting me pay the difference for a higher priced phone, but that they were busy and I would have to be called back. I asked the sales person to please escalate the issue and it was.

But the call I received after that was a different story. The Black Tie Protection Program now only replaces a phone with a phone of comparable technology. A new rule just came out that no longer are you given credit for the retail price of the phone. I was never informed in the change of coverage. That was not the plan when I signed up for it. When we purchased this phone, the technology was new, but now…not new technology at all. And I was told I cannot pay the difference to get a more advanced phone, because that would be newer technology. Here’s a hot tip Best Buy, technology advances daily. Expecting your consumers, the people that keep you in business, to settle for old school phones when I am paying you monthly for a protection plan to guard my technological devices is BAD BUSINESS. I will let everyone I know to stay away from Best Buy and the protection plan. All it does is protect Best Buy’s profits. Shame on you Best Buy!!


I wish I would have read this before i was suckered into the black tie protection, It is such an inconvenience having to go through this. If they would have told me their procedure at the time of purchase..

there is i would have been so *** to go this route.once I get my phone back, they will never me or my money.... If you are thinking about getting a phone at best buy, AVOID THEIR BLACK TIE PROTECTION..


Ok, so here is my story. I was listening to iTunes on my laptop outside, while working on some yardwork (weeding, planting stuff)and I left my laptop on top of my car not thinking anything of it.

Well, my brother needed to do an errand real quick and asked if he could borrow my car. I said "Sure why not I'm not going anywhere" well next thing I heard was my laptop hitting the ground and him backing over my laptop.

Well, I took it to Best Buy's Geek Squad and they said "we have to ship it out to make sure it doesn't work", Yesterday I heard back from them saying "We cannot replace it because it is not normal use for a laptop." Umm... excuse me. That is why I bought the D*** service plan for "Accidental Damage", well I went on talking to the customer service person and they said it wasn't even suppose to be replaced when my brother dropped my TV on it by accident (that happened a year ago)

So, I warn everyone.

Do not buy the 300 dollar service plan at Best Buy it sucks and they charge half of what a laptop sells for. I hate big companies!!


I agree their mobile protection sucks and I hate it. I will never buy another phone nor their mobile protection plan again. It's all bull.


Palm (not Best Buy) requires ALL of their devices to be sent to them for repair or service. While most phones are handled through Geek Squad service centers around America, Palm is a special case as I mentioned above.


As I said above, the Black Tie Protection was for their mobile coverage. That is what sucks.

It is all sent out and handled third party. They have no control over anything, will not try to contact the company working for them. I have had the Best Buy warranties before and have never had a problem. The problem lies within the Mobile services warranties.

Mr. or Ms.

I hate Incompetence did not pay attention to the product which I was talking about. Your laptops and cameras are handled in a totally different manner.

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