Monroe, Michigan
7 comments blacklisted me. Told me I bought too much from them and I can no longer place an order with best buy or

Apparently the store manager was upset that I always bought the sale items on their website and nobody else could get sale items. I only bought dvd's that were on sale in the quantity that was allowed in the ad. Sometimes I bought from multiple stores. I have called customer service and corporate multiple times.

Neither customer service or their supervisors seem to know what is going on.


Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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best buy only sale junks & no cover extended warranty,junk junk,martinsburg west virginia,not recomended is piece junk.


all you people from best buy would screw up a cup of coffee if the person buys some thing and does not like he or she should be able to take it back no matter how many times he buys some thing they best buy charges retail price and stuff they put on sale is stuff they cannot sale for retail price like said before they best buy would screw a cup of coffee


sounds suspicious to me.. i think theres more to this story


So what's wrong with buying cheap and selling high?? You must be a li ole commie...


i KNOW of TWo people who have ever been blacklisted from Best Buy for buying DVD's in quantity at sale prices, and BOTH OF THEM were mom n' pop DVD rental stores.....


looking to get em on the cheap and make $$$$ off them....


Brad Anderson CEO/Vice Chairman/Director -

Shari Ballard, Executive Vice President, Retail Channel,

Kim Motz at 612.291.5332 Shari Ballard’s assistant???

Bruce Chatterley, President and Chief Executive Officer,,

Steve Delp, Chief Operating Officer, Magnolia Audio Video

Brian Dunn, President and Chief Operating Officer

Julie Gilbert, Senior Vice President, Retail Training,

Jena Lund, Julie Gilbert assistant at 612-291-4030

David Hemler, Senior Vice President, Best Buy for Business

Paula Prahl, Vice President, Public Affairs

Lisa Smith- Best Buy Vice President Customer Care

612-291-5421 Office

Sean Skelley, Senior Vice President, Business Group Leader,

PR number at (612) 292-NEWS

Susan Busch, 612-291-6114 Director, Corporate PR

Dawn Bryant, 612-291-6119 Manager, Corporate PR

Mark Paragi

Senior Executive Resolution Specialist

Best Buy Corporate Campus

(612) 292-0077 Direct

(952) 430-7033 Fax

Investor Contacts: Jennifer Driscoll, 612-291-6110 Vice President, Investor Relations

Charles Marentette, 612-291-6184 Senior Director, Investor Relations

Carla Haugen, 612-291-6146 Director, Investor Relations


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