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I went in to the Best Buy in Irvine CA, to purchase a Sony NVU94T GPS unit. The unit was on display for an advertised price of $199.00. I waited for someone to come and help me for over 45mins.

I finally located the stores general manager, Louis Vo. He paged a sales person, I pointed out the item I wanted, he said that they do not have this one and have not had it for sometime.

He tried to locate another one, and there is not a unit anywhere in the country. By this point was was upset, he refused to help me any further other to offer to sell me a simillar unit for $200.00 more.

I advised him that this was not ethical. I located Mr. Vo again, I explained the situation, he stated that he can offer me a simillar unit for the same price.

When he was advised that the closest unit was $200.00 more, he said they would lower it $50.00. I explained this was also Bait & Switch.

I inquired as to why they still have this unit on display I was told by Mr. Vo, that Sony pays them to display their products.

I said this unit is no longer sold by Best Buy said it does not matter, the unit remains on display. Oh boy is BAIT & SWITCH!!!

I asked for the district manager's name and number and was told I could not have it. I guess we are working with AGENT 008 1/4.

I called Best Buy corp HDQ'S, got know where there either. A woman named Coral said she would give me a $100.00 gift cert for a unit that was not even close to the unit I wanted, and 250.00 more. She would not give me her boss's name. She said she was the only one I could talk to. She says she is the boss for customer service.

I guess she is the CEO *** Schulze only he must have had his shorts on too tight.

I know that this has happened before with others. What I am want everyone to do is write to their state attorney generals office and file a complaint.

The attitude with Best Buy was our only competition was Circuit City and they are out of business.

Well I think that if people started complaining more and having the sales for Best Buy drop, maybe we could put the service back in customer service.

Maybe Best Buy would go away, and we could generate some old fashioned competition with the smaller Mom & POP stores.

We are not in Russia, and we do not have to have this type of treatment shoved down our throats.

Lets unite our voices, and start the complaints going to the powers that be.

It is a really bad corporation that will not allow you to contact the VP'S or CEO'S. I did not realize that ***, Bradley and the others at the top were so blind.

Maybe they should take a look at what is going on before this company goes the way of Circuit City.

Thank you

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Sorry gleasonbill57, but what you described is not bait and switch.

That you had to wait for 45 minutes to get help (your perception, anyway) or an answer is more of an issue.

You see, we run new ads every week, and there is a chance that some locations will run out of some items. If it shows up in the fliers that week, we have the ability to get you a raincheck on the advertised item. If not, we can order it through another channel, like bestbuy.com. We offer to do that first. It is within the perview of management to offer another item for a like discount, but it's going to vary from store-to-store. That is not "bait and switch" - check the law.

If the attitude you demonstrate here is anything like what you displayed at the store, I can understand why you met with such resistance. You should have taken Coral up on her offer.


Well alpha, it would seem that you are part of the problem. There is a reason there is no longer customer service.

Your attitude is the reason. No one needs their but wiped by another, but we should not allow any company to take advantage of someone especially when it is illegal.

I we stopped going to these companies, and started taking action we would have customer service and respect back to the consumer. You (Alpha) are either an employee of Best Buy, or you are a sell out who likes to be taken advantage of: This is just one reason our country is in the state it is in...


Have you ever seen a commercial for something...and then the product is sold out...say like Hope shopping network or meat at the *** grocery store? Stuff gets clearanced its life....maybe the sony unit was *** and thats why there were none available.

To be honest Sony does that each year with their TVs, they keep paying bbuy to sell something they dont have available.

Maybe you should start *** at Sony instead of someone who has no control over it, or buy it online. Apparently ppl do need to have their *** wiped these days :cry


YES UNITE AGAINST THE EVIIIIIIIIL CORPERATIONS!!! Down with them all! Power to the peeps!

Obviously you have heard of the internet. Maybe you have heard of Google. You open the URL, type in the test field what you are looking for and WAM! You get a lit of information. Most likely a list of online stores that sell the product you might be looking for.

Would you please grow up, learn to think for yourself and come off your high horse? I doubt it but I can still have hopey changey.