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Best Buy advertised a free Xbox 360 with a purchase of a PC. We were so excited as we thought we qualified with our PC purchase. However, there were "changes" to this promotion that they did not post in the PC department or on the Free Xbox 360 display.

Dont let yourself be screwed by Best Buy. Check out the picture of this misleading display and read about my experience with the unprofessional management here. The whole situation stinks and shows sneaky practices by this Chattanooga store.

Best Buy Free XBox 360 with PC Purchase: Bait and Switch or Bad Business?


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I've worked at Best Buy for eight years, we've always had to give customers prices and deals that are marked and on the floor even if incorrect. Unless it was a "Small print" issue (In the small print it states you only get the deal with certain guidelines and limitations).

If the "Correction Notice" issued by corporate is not next to it you get the price.

I'm not sure why the store would not honor that deal if everything is how you state it happened, I wouldn't want to assume you're fibbing or lying but I also worked at Best Buy too long to believe the customer lol sorry. I'd honestly have contacted corporate.


At sean the consumer is sick and tired of hearing we can legally this and that. Yes were all aware that republicans have opened the floodgates for businesses to ra.pe the american consumer.

Businesses better get it through their heads that the consumer goes by moral and ethical. That free xbox 360 ad was clearly bait and switch.

I would have done a charge back with my card then had my money back plus the computer. Did that with walmart once on a phone i bought and i got to keep both.


"Businesses better get it through their heads that the consumer goes by moral and ethical." Buying something and doing a chargeback is stealing. Since you bashed republicans I assume you are a democrat. I guess that gives you the right to steal from and ra.pe businesses.


@Miss Elvira...I was not sad. Not the words I would use.

I felt violated, tricked, and duped. Bad Business all around.


I agree with Sean, to a point. They do have a right to make changes to any promotion.

However, they also have an obligation to make these changes visible.

These kind of surprises should not occur at checkout. Its deceiving and underhanded.

Miss Elvira

Sean said it! and what were these "changes"?

were they illegal?

Did you actually loose any money. Or were you just sad?


This is a promotion that was actually put on by Microsoft for students. Also, every retailer in the world is legally allowed to change guidelines if they wish. Microsoft changed this a couple of times before settling on the final promotion.