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This was the worst shopping experience ever! Keep away from this store, for your own good. I am not new to shopping at BestBuy, I have made purchases in there totaling well into thousands, yet this day I have to say is the last day I will go to the store and make a purchase.

Here is how a customer is treated by the store manager Kyle and the Geek Squad (Deputy of Counter Intelligence) Jamie: Today I purchased a open box point and shot camcorder (that we tested for about 30sec in store) while at the register the sales associate explains that if there is any issue with it to bring it back for repair or replacement (all is good so far), once at home I start recording and no more than a minute and a half into it the cam froze up and displayed some weird lines on the monitor, after a few minutes of attempting to unfreeze it and trying to power it off, it became clear there is no use.

I go back to the store, found the same associate who sold me the cam, he looked at it and since it was still in the same (frozen state as 10minutes earlier) he wasn't able to do anything else than pull the battery out and try again. At this point it seemed to work fine, but obviously there is some sort of an issue with it. I ask for suggestion, he tells me that I can either return it, get it repaired or get a replacement, since I am leaving for a 2week vacation the next day I have no time to wait for a fix and ask for a replacement, sales rep finds one unit in stock and sais he just needs to talk with the manager for a second. After he comes back the conversation changes and I am told that they will no longer honor their replacement assurance and I should purchase a new one at a 10% discount or just return the one I have already bought. At this point I feel there is something wrong with this situation and demand to speak with the sales manager, (Kyle) confused about the situation wants to speak with the Geek Squad manager (Jamie) about it.

After a prolonged discussion, they (the 2 managers), rudely dismiss the sales rep who only tried to help me and make the situation work. Both of them start playing with words saying I can have it replaced, and the next sentence it will cost me the difference of the price, or just return the item.

Now this is purely on a principle but when a salesperson says something they (the whole store) need to stand by it, and the sales person said "I can have it replaced if it doesn't work", and in this situation the two "Managers" make a mockery of customer service.

Having to deal with this level of deception and in my opinion policy misrepresentation is unacceptable, just before leaving on a 2 week overseas trip where this camcorder would have been used.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Manager.

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Ummm, arthd55, their return policy is 30 days. Why would they give your money back?

You had it for 7 months, time to deal with the manufacture for repairs.

Trained to belittle you, maybe. Retailers are tired of people trying to get things for free just cuz you cried.

This Guy is correct! Customers stopped being right a long time ago.

Art M

I was also double teamed on a insignia tv that went dead after 7 months, and they refused to give me money back, and had to replace that day. It seems to me that best buy must be paying people to belittle people on their complaints on the side, because i did not want something for nothing, i just wanted to be treated fairly. :?

This G

Yeah, the "Customer is Always Right" line went out the window when customers decided to abuse the policy. Nowadays, the majority of the country is very "gimme gimme" and will sue you if you look at their penmanship wrong.

Retailers are watching their backs now. If you want to be mad at someone for the policy leaving, take a look at yourself and those around you.


The customer used to always be right. Unfortunately, many customers abused that and retailers had to put their foot down.

You don't get a new product when you purchased open box. Most warranties are for repair, not replacement. I'm sure they would have sent it out for repair Arthurr would have a working camera at a great price. But Arthurr was on a time crunch.

Arthurr also was not out a dime. He was offered a refund.


If they tell him one thing, they should stand by it. Anyone who works retail can tell you, "THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT".

As a matter of face, I once worked for Best Best Buy and I recall them telling us that in our training. So, this policy only holds true in some situations? I will also tell you this, the BB I worked for had managers who were very poor leaders. Did not lead by example or work to make their sales associates to be successful. It's always about, "did you sell them that 75 dollar cable that we marked up 120% that they don't need?". Or, "did they get the useless, ripoff black tie protection plan?".

Leave Arthurr alone, he had S*ITTY customer service and he is pissed. Can you blame him? If it was your money you just dished out and the product took a *** on you, you would be pissed too. And who cares what it matters to them as far as how much money he is spending, if everyone gets pissed off and stops paying for overpriced items at their robbery of a store, they just might feel the need to respect their customers a little more.

This G

2 things could have happened here, one is the sales rep misspoke. When he was telling you that you could replace it, he should have told you that you could return it and put that towards getting another model. Also, if you wanted a discounted item replaced with a full price item, you're being ridiculous. Of course you'd have to pay the difference to get a brand new item. You can't go into a car dealer, but a 4 year old car and then decide to switch it out for the same model but brand new car for the same price.

And quite possibly, you may have misheard him and that is what you wanted him to say because it would be convenient. Wouldn't be the first customer to swore they hear something that benefits them. And this is not bait and switch

Also, making purchases that are "totaling well into thousands" is not a good argument to them. Even a small store in the middle of nowhere does a bare minimum of $20,000 in revenue on a day during a non-shopping experience. The only people who matter to them on a level of using how much money they spend in the stores as an argument is a RZ Silver member


How much years you were "loyal" to them or how much money you spent. Thousands of dollars to them is nothing to brag about because it is like peanuts to them. Sorry but your not going to their store ever again is not going to put them out of business.

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