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Well I will start with best buy. I got a mac book pro and paid $399.99 plus tax for a 4 year warranty.

My cat spilled water on to the mac book pro while i was sleeping and woke up to a wet computer. The whole system got fried since the battery cord was plugged in and sat there for 5-7 hours soaking wet. I called apple and best buy, they don't cover accidents. Me and my Mother brought in my mac for repair at best buy and we pay $1017.00 (tax included).

I was promised that I would receive a call as soon as they receive the information on the repair. They never called and I ended up calling in, I was told it was being sent back and the repair will cost more. We go back to best buy to buy a new mac book pro and we ask to transfer the warranty. They obviously so no because its only for that product.

Well we are buying the same product and I asked where does it say this in terms and conditions. After that they pointed some in the middle where it is. I didn't read it but they decided to take $100.00 away from our full refund since they couldn't fix our problem and cause we decided to send it out. The company geek squad/ best buy don't call when they say they will also why the *** are they taking more money from me when they didn't do anything!

Now to Xbox 360 GB slim (newest edition).

I got this system and had no problems till I noticed a problem with what they didn't have on the box or in the hand manual. This started because I bought borderlands map pack downloadable content which says on the back requires a MB memory unit. The system says I require a hard drive in order to play. The box doesn't specify what type of memory unit it is in the hand manual too.

Its says "4gb internal memory unit" when its really a GB flash-drive internal memory unit. Also it doesn't say the GB slim doesn't work with CD downloadable content. I called in to Xbox customer support talked to 2 people who both leaded me to a dead end. Then the third got to a supervisor that promised me that halo reach co-op campaign and firefight would work along with my CD borderlands(All requires a hard drive but doesn't say anything on the box or hand manual about!

only that xbox live some of the content don't work (only true thing)). So i was promised a repair and was suppose to receive a e-mail to ship off my Xbox. What I was getting supposedly with this shipment 1 free month Xbox live, 1 year warranty added on and all that stuff that requires a hard drive to work. Didn't send the shipping label so call again.

I was told that they can't do the stuff that requires a hard drive and can't give me a full 1 year warranty only the 90 days added on top of my other warranty when i send it in.So I waited again then no shipping label. I call again and this is the 3rd supervisor and talked to about 10-11 people all together including the 3 supervisors. He told me I was lied to and I won't have any of the hard drive content working and that the first supervisor didn't record my stuff. Got my shipping label call back talk to final supervisor and tell me I can't receive any warranty addition cause I have warranty.

And she explained how the 3 other supervisors lied to me and noticed the same mistakes on the manual and stuff too. I call again cause she sent me to a dead end e-mail that got no reply. I called again and talk to a representative who then promised a specialist would call me with in three days and leave a message if i'm not home. No specialist called so I said screw it and bought a hard drive because NON of customer support can contact corporate and can only by e-mail which i didn't get a reply from.

Pretty much Xbox GB slim doesn't have all the information and has lied to who ever bought it. I was lied to by 3 supervisors WTF!!!! Also I was lied by not having a specialist call like they said.

Thats just a quick rundown of what has happened to me with both terrible help and customer support from Best buy/ geek squad and Xbox/ Microsoft. Hope you guys can do something!

Monetary Loss: $1240.

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First off did you purchase the warranty that includes the accidental damage or did you just buy the regular one? Second if it was unable to be repaired they should have given you the prorated amount of money back for the remainder of your warranty period. I'm a supervisor with Geek Squad and we deal with this every day of the week...if it didn't have the accidental then the water damage wouldn't have been covered, it states all of that on your Black Tie Protection pamphlet.


Sounds like electronics just aren't for you. Maybe you should try crossword puzzles or word-finds.


First of all your an *** for buyin a mac book. Second of all your a *** for owning a cat and if you u look right at the front of the xbox Package it says it only includes a 4gb memory unit.

I hope you, your mom and your cat all die

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