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I had a new refrigerator and dishwasher delivered on the 16th of February. Part of the installation was to remove my existing refrigerator into my garage. To get it out of the front door the installation crew needed to remove the old refrigerator doors. They did this and one of the crew took the doors outside. They grabbed the fridge and headed out the door, when I asked them to just put it in the garage and I can move it where I want later. I leaned into the garage from the house and hit the button to open the garage door. Well – unknown to me the other crew member had leaned my refrigerator doors against the garage door, and needless to say they fell over onto the cement.

The "old" refrigerator is a Samsung – Which I purchase at Best Buy about 5 years ago (could be 5-6 – don't recall). The refrigerator is in great shape – stainless steel and has the 2 doors and 2 drawers (Quadro cool?) I believe the price tag on it was close to $3000. It was being replaced because of kitchen remodel and we needed a counter depth fridge to fit with the new kitchen layout.

My intent was to sell the old fridge to my neighbor that has a cottage and was willing to give me $500 for it, well needless to say he is no longer interested in it. When I contacted Best Buy they said to contact Pennridge Delivery (In Michigan) because they contracted them to deliver. Basically they said that it was my fault for opening the garage door and that they are not going to pay for anything - just want them to either fix or replace the doors on the fridge. I don't see that as unreasonable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Installation.

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What you think make money from deliveries guys,they get paid only $28.50 per each delivery Best Buy & Penn Ridge are the one's making money,


Pennridge dropped my refrigerator as they were trying to move it into my house. The movers damaged my siding, chipped the brick and bent and tor a a window screen.

Then they asked if I was willing to accept the damaged unit as-is, since the dents and scrapes were mostly on the side!

Best Buy said it was not their problem, and Pennridge completely ignored me.

The mover wrote his cell # on a scrap of paper before leaving, and offered to come back and make the repairs, but based on his previous work displayed, I was not interested in his handyman skills.


I had a terrible experience with Pennridge and Pacific Sales (owned by BestBuy). They damaged our floor and walls.

Pennridge sub-contracted a mover that they would never identify to me. I think I know why they do that.

I had to make dozens of calls and emails, but they rarely responded to me until I advanced to the next level. I finally got my claim settled, but still don't know who those non English speaking delivery guys work for.

BestBuy is Breaking Bad.

@Walter White

Be a proud capitalist/racist and man up dude!


yeah I know what you mean but I'd definitely check my garage afterwards if I had a couple of guys moving stuff in there. especially if they were people I didn't know.


I think this is an accident - and I will take the blame for opening my garage door - no question I did press the button that opened the garage door. You say that I should check the garage door though before I open it? Why would I? that is why its a remote Garage door opener... there is a little button on the wall you push - that is like saying that I open the trunk of my car everytime before I start it, just in case someone is hiding in there. Why would I? Am I expecting someone hiding in my trunk - hence woudl I expect something to be propped up against my garage door - no.

I am not blaming Best Buy because come to find out that they contract Pennridge Delievery to do the delivery. And now come to find out that Pennridge Deleivery contracts out the actual guys that deliever the stuff... go figure.

I will chalk this on up as lessons learned that stuff happens and sometimes you get the *** end of the stick. I will not let this consume me, this is my final rant.



I would agree with you but do you check your garage door everytime before you open it? Why would you?

sounds like enough blame for both parties


well.. next time, move your stuff yourself or check your garage door before you open it. it was an accident but you're ready to blame anyone else but yourself.

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