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I recently bought a Think Pad from Best Buy (the only place selling it in NYC at the time) and just attempted to activate the one year warranty. To use the warranty they require a receipt with the serial number printed on the receipt and mailed into Lenovo. I spoke to Best Buy, and their policy is not to print the serial number on the receipt unless the customer purchases an extended warranty. Does this mean that the only way to have have your computer covered under the one year warranty is to purchase an extended warranty???

FYI- I also checked my warranty on a Thinkpad I purchased from J&R a few years back and it is the same deal- only J&R did print some kind of generic code, but not the serial number.

Both Best Buy and J&R are major retailers for Lenovo computers- does it mean that everyone purchasing a computer from them forfeit their warranty?

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I have no idea who told you that the stores policy is only to acquire the serial number when someone purchases a protection plan, but they lied! The system doesn't require serial numbers entered at checkout unless it's for a product that needs activation (cell phone, ipad with 3g, and gaming consoles-merely as the are a high theft items).