Concord, North Carolina

On Wednesday 2-22 I visited the Best Buy Store at Afton Ridge Kannapolis-Concord N C I received some information from a Geek Squad person and proceeded to the department in order to make a purchase, there were 2 sales persons in the area both were busy, I stood around for 45 minutes, evidently they thought I was part of the inventory, no one acknowledged me, finally a young man told me he would be with me in a couple minutes, after ten minutes he proceeded to assist me, in turn he attempted to charge me more than I had been quoted, but after I insisted he gave me the price quoted. On leaving the store I spoke with a manager he appeared to not care about their apparent lack of customer service.

I have since talked to a friend who had an experience like mine. This location will not be seeing me again, I have been a customer for quite a few years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Sales Manager.

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I go to this particular store all the time and they are over top helpful !!! TOO helpful at times.

No way this person stood there for more than ten minutes without assistance...the store is not that big and blue shirts are everywhere!!

Obviously not an assertive person, if I were there more than ten minutes I would in someone's face. Can't believe you take the time to write the complaint but didnt take the time to complain to management ?!



You'd what in somebody's face? Wow, 10 minutes and you get that aggro? Local, or from outta State?


No way this guy stood there for 45 minutes. Unless he was standing facing a wall in the corner and nowhere near the customer service desk, lol. You can't exist in a bestbuy store without some lowly salesperson shoving their version of "help" down your throat.


you just sound dumb, give a little more information next time. and ask for help, sometimes people aren't there to bottle feed you.


45 Min my ***