Dayton, Ohio

i paid 7 or 8 dollars a month (80 dollars a year) for my disability and loss insurance on my computer from best buy bought thru my zero int. rate best buy HSBC card.

its called " account shield plus", its a private company i found out , not Best Buy , but sold to me by best buy .I was told briefly by best buy cashier that it isnt their "black tie " coverage but it somewhat covers breakages and or theft and disability and lots of other things.. So I got it... was a mistake..... would have got black tie but my computer was 280 bucks and black tie insurance would have been a whole lot .

figured i could replace it for 280 if it broke.. Then.. the screen cracked after 3 weeks. I Found out my 7 dollar a month account shield insurance had a whole lotta hoops also i tried to use it .

truthfully we dont really know how it happened . maybe the 25 pound cat sat on it ??? or it possibly fell off the seat and broke in the car ??? thought id call best buy to see if it would possibly be covered somehow..

as account shield is supposed to cover breakages due to "auto transportation related " damages , vandalism, theft and other things according to their brochure. What about "no one knows" what I found out is it only covers breakages and loss for a some very specific reasons .. not just loss or breakage in general.. it took me hours to try to find all this out and get a claim form from HSBCs "account shield plus" insurance company due to their "account shield plus "web site saying something like "not working currently " today after entering in a whole lotta time entering in my info to become a member or whatever for them .

so then I was hours on all this on phone trying to talk to their overseas resp twice. the first overseas rep who i couldnt understand . he kept saying "hello?' when i could not understand to answer his questions. I m not saying this company is a rip off but it was just aggravating!

they told me i had to wait 7/10 business days JUST TO SEE if a computer breakage or loss is covered before repairing it is OKed and moving forward?. I paid my insurance bill so Why did they deny me my request to just go ahead myself and pay for repair and then turn in a clain to see if its covered so I could at least get my computer back within a week or so ?. (They could always deny it) If i got it fixed and sent a bill that voids my chance totally to claim it I was told. I was up a creek!!!!

OH yeah , they want a official police report sent to them proving if it was malicious mischief, how about a cat knocking it off dresser or whatever? (how could i find out as I couldnt understand them on phone or use web site anyway) i dont know but I wonder if they want on a report or proof if it actually was broke while transporting it in a car or whatever. they dont tell you all this when selling the account shield plus insurance to you at best buy . Its a hassle.

bottom line" she needs the computer . but I do know black tie was too costly for a cheap computer so account shield plus was cheap and thought to cover loss but found to be aggravating and not timely . So I will get it fixed myself . 130 dollars Will have my 280 dollar computer back this week .

so i cancelled them today... sorry Best Buy , HSBC /account shield?

no more 80 dollars a year for the so called "account shield" insurance from me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Cashier.

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Bestbuy does cover physical damage on most products. People on wish to buy protection after something breaks.

The protection actually has accidental damage in it. I shatered my iPad twice and the just give me a knew one each time


black tie doesnt cover alot of things either and i know it dont cover "accidental breakage or the screen"

try a search for best buy here and read all the horror stories. your pretty much up a creek when u buy from best bye bye...

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