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I am a "Silver" member, earning points for all purchases.

I purchased a video game, Call of Duty, for my nephew, along with $500 in electronics; a Nook and camcorder--- all on the same receipt. The video game purchased was in the wrong format, PS 3, and not Xbox. I attempted to return the Un-opened game but due to long lines after X-Mas and New Years at the Customer Service counter, later returned on day 49.

After pulling up my account and seeing numerous purchases over the last 12 months, and finding the purchase of the game, I was told, 'there is nothing we can do, its been 49 days, not 45." I pointed out that I had twice attempted to return the game, the game is still inventoried on their shelves for the same price as originally purchased, and again asked, 'there is NOTHING, NOTHING you CAN do or is there nothing you CHOOSE to do to attempt to accomodate a customer?"

They suggested selling the game back to them as a 'used game', at a discount, and they would provide me a store credit.

Best Buy is correct in reminding me that their return policy is 45 days, and not 49 days. Unfortunately, Best Buy will not receive anymore business from me for CHOOSING not to accomodate a common sense issue by accepting the return for an unopened and current version video game that they still retail.

The comedy is my personal purchase profile revealed over $2,000 in purchases from their store last year yet over a $60 video game, they are losing my business, my families, and anyone I can tell this story.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Lol you had 49 days to return a product and even stated that you tried returning it prior but YOU decided not to stand in line. So some how Best Buy is at fault because YOU couldn't be bothered by the longer than usual line and decided you had better things to to and since the customer (YOU) are always right Best Buy should just comp you for your impatience. Certain people on this planet make me weep for humanity some times.



Put a smile on your face, Best Buy did take care of you. They made a program called reward zone silver member to HONOR you with a 45 day return policy because you spent extra money in the store. So they already made an exception for you in spending...and your asking for more?

If customer service made a $60 exception to one customer a day for 365 days a year that's $21,900. That's just ONE exception a day...Best Buy is still a business and there is a lot of people who prey on best buy on ripping them off...they have to set these rules into place and enforce them, or you can see thats a lot of money lost. That's an employees job right there...

It's not to hurt you or be offensive to you Richard, best buy wants to take care of you, but has to take care of their employees too.


wow you spent $2,000. just because you're probably some upper middle class or rich snobby *** doesn't give you extra privileges.

what makes you better than everyone else? and don't say you're not because you sure as *** act that way. sorry but rules are rules and in life, you have to follow them like the rest of us. if you spend all this money at Best Buy, you should be aware of the return policies which is a pretty fair one to be honest.

your fault for waiting 2 1/2 months and your fault for getting the wrong game in the first place. when you decide to go harass another store, make sure you learn their policies first. *** and I hope your family and friends tell you how dumb you are and turn down your little anti Best Buy group. you can't control where they shop.

so apparently you think you can change stores policies to accommodate only your needs and you can control where your family and friends do their shopping. get a grip, motherf**cker.


Richard- You can write paragraph after paragraph about why you think you're right. It doesn't matter. You tried to return something after the return period (again 45 days is quite generous) and were rightfully denied. I'm sorry it upsets you that you have to adhere to the same policies as the rest of us.

Do you know why you weren't given the diva treatment? Because if they did it for you, they'd have to do it for everyone. Then why even have policies in the first place? On top of that, the next time you didn't agree with a different policy, they'd have to listen to more of your entitled whining.

And there is no procedure for giving back 1/2 of your money. It's not as complicated as you're trying to make it. Before 45 days=return accepted. After 45 days=return denied. There is no clause in there for customers who think they're special.

You're right about me being angry. I'm angy at every diva customer like you that expects every store you walk into to rewrite their policies and procedures just to fit you. You really need a reality check. You couldn't follow a simple policy.


Dear Simon,

Using an insulting moniker doesn't help your argument. In fact, it detracts from your comment and opinion.

The message board is for having intelligent conversation about common sense, and the opportunity for a Service oriented business to choose common sense or as in this case, choose against it. Nothing more, nothing less.

You chose to overlook the part of my statement acknowledging BB has the right to 'enforce' their 45 day policy. They chose it. In the same breath, they offered to purchase my product back for 1/2 price; the same product currently on their shelves. You're ok with that. I get it. I am not ok with it.

I understand you feel this unacceptable for me to feel this way. I also understand that you seem to feel any disagreement should be void of applying common sense and that any disagreement should be met with absolute FORCE, POWER, and to jump at the opportunity to show the other entity who is "boss!"

Im most societies, that behavior is exuded from those who are insecure and angry, feeling this is 'their' opportunity to 'GET' and "Exact" revenge on someone.

All in all, it's a little sad. In better times, simple disagreements get resolved with simple solutions.

It may be foreign to you but what many businesses will say and do when returning a current product they currently sell on their shelves is, "Sure, of course, no problem. We still sell it, it's still current, not discounted, no sale price. Come back soon."

Instead, you feel it's more appropriate and acceptable to name call and use a vengeful-like attitude within your comment.

I'm sorry your angry.

Take care- R.S.


How about this one. I purchased a 46" Samsung HDTV from BB on 12/30/11.

It was delivered on 2-19-12. I discovered a problem with it on 2/11/12 and called them today to arrange to have it picked-up for a refund. I was told that the 30 day return period began when I purchased it on the 30th and not on the delivery date.

I guess if it was delivered on 1/31/12 I wouldn't have had any store warranty on it at all. Nice program, I won't be back.


ditto they lost me too over 200.00 for services I did not need! They will wake up when its too late and they go bankrupt because they have no loyal customer base.

Wake up! Best Buy and listen to your customers!


I always find it funny when people say "o I spend thousands of dollars a year at best buy, I should be treated special". Do you know how many people spend thousands of dollars a year there?

some spend tens of thousands a year.

If best buy made an exception for every person who spends a lot of money in their stores, then they would make exceptions for like 80% of people. That doesn't make any sense.


Um, Ben? When did society become about one entity being "at fault" and another entity acting like the Gestapo?

You live in a much more angry place than I do.


I guess policies are for peasants, but not for Richard the Diva. 45 days is a generous amount of time and it is your own fault you couldn't return an item in a month and a half.

Don't forget to boycott Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, Toys R Us, Radio Shack, and every other store that would have told you no too (which is just about everywhere).

Or you could stop asking to be treated special, be an adult and take responsibility for your own negligence, and move on. Some people's kids...


$2000 is *** it doesn't matter if you spend $2 or $2000 45 days is 45 days......Im sure you had plenty of time in the 45 day window to do your exchange. Sorry they wouldn't re write the return policy for you cuz they we're busy during christmas and new year. And no, they won't lose anybody else's business, people have no loyalty when it comes to shopping and most will agree you are the one at fault, not Best Buy.

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