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I bought a Camcorder bundle (camcorder, memory card, carrying case, and tripod) on a blowout special for a birthday gift back on 8/2/13 for a party on 8/17/13. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the party so I figured I would just mail it. I found out that someone else got him the same thing, to I tried to return it. Well that was the biggest mistake of my life. I never knew about this “14 day Return Policy” and who reads the 5-mile long receipt they give you anyway. Now granted that the camera, carrying case, and memory card are all in the SEALED bag they put them it before I left, they wouldn’t give me a refund because I was like 5 days late. Nobody at the store was willing to work with me.

I called corporate while in the store, and have a customer service file case #122653503 about this issue. In that conversation I was told that in cases like this, the Store Manager (Andy Lee) has the authority to override corporate policy and issue a refund…that is all I wanted in the first place. After going rounds and rounds with the store and corporate for 2weeks now, all they have offered me is a gift card in exchange for what I bought. What the heck do I need a $256.51 gift card for when I’ll never be stopping with them after how the treated me.

After all of this today, I have filed this with my credit card company and they are going to fight to do everything they can do to resolve this. Such a shame it all had to come down to this.

They were more than happy to take my money, but how dare you ask for it back!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Manager.

Monetary Loss: $257.

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CC company will deny your claim and you may end up with a legal issue against you. Companies are NOT required to return anything.

Here they have an industry standard return policy and you're still un-happy, because you're special and everyone should do what you want. After nagging them they even agreed to give an in-store credit which they had no obligation to do, but you're still not happy. Sorry princesses, but this is called life.

You made a choice and now you get to live with it.


We had the same thing happen to us. We bought a camera a few as weeks before for our daughter's birthday as a gift, and we asked for a gift receipt. We were told that it would not be a problem to return the camera in the event our daughter did not want the camera.

We brought the camera back to the store 29 days after it was bought and they refused to take it back. The camera, case, and memory card has never been used.

Did you ever get any satisfaction by getting your money back?

They are going to find out that nobody is going to want to business with them in the future.


My credit card company is still fighting with them. I will post something after I hear something back from my credit card. If you paid cash, your out of luck....if you paid with a credit card, I would try and file something with them.


Sorry Brian but they didn't say you could return it whenever you got around to it. Even with a gift receipt you still have to return it in time.

Guess why they do this? It's because people are going in buying the item, waiting to see if they can find it online cheaper and then returning it. Sorry, but the return policy for cameras/electronics at Best Buy is the industry standard. It's also on the receipt that you got.

Just because it was intended as a gift doesn't mean they can take it back whenever.

Heck even Costco had to place limits on their return policies for electronics when people started to abuse it to the point of costing the company money.


seriously, I hate reading about the entitlement that some people have. "My circumstances are different!

I don't understand why they won't return it!

I couldn't be *** to read the *** receipt!"

Get over yourselves. Maybe you're getting terrible customer service because you're a terrible customer.


The real question is why you, or anyone else on the site, always seems to think that a store should make an exception for them. Why should they?

I suppose you would say it was good customer service, but do you know how many complaints I've read about Best Buy not accepting a return FOR THEM because they didn't bother to know the return policy?

It's always some kind of "but they should make an exception for me" :roll :roll Ridiculous entitlement. If there is even the possibility of a return being necessary, then it is YOUR responsibility as a consumer to know the polices of the store you're purchasing from.


i couldnt agree more about that. if you mess up on the warranty time frame, or return it AFTER the return time is up then that is your own fault for not knowing the dates.


At least you got a gift card and didn't get completely stiffed. Stop complaining.

You didn't follow their policy. Policies are set in place for a reason and people should ALWAYS research return policies before stepping in a store.

The only time a store made an exception for my husband and I was Babies-R-Us and we returned the item 1 day after the cut off date for returns. No refund for us, but a store credit in which we used to get a new stroller and only had to pay 10 bucks out of pocket for. You were almost a week late on the return policy.

See the difference?

I was 1 day late, you were almost a week late. Even the staff at Babies-R-Us said they wouldn't have done the store credit/exchange thing if we were 2 days late.


I didn't get the gift card....