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We purchased an outdoor TV and was told we needed several extra parts that were expensive. We also paid for Geek Squad to install it.

The Geek Squad employee told was we needed to call another person to do part of the installation. After that person came, he spoke the truth about what we really needed and it was a lot less in price. I tried to return some of the products we purchased from Best Buy but they would not allow us to return it. The product was opened, and they won't accept returns that are opened but we didnt open it, the Geek Squad employee did!

It has been 2 months and we still don't have a working outdoor TV! I've called the corporate office and they said I needed to talk with the manager of our local store-passing me off again to someone else! I would think in this day of stores closing due to more online shopping, costumer service would be greatly improved!

I did not find any positive customer service at Best Buy and I'm disappointed! This will not happen again & I will not be using Best Buy for an installation of any product in a long time!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Honestly I would contact corporate regarding the returns. I have never heard of Best Buy refusing to return opened merchandise except for games, CDs, etc.

I have even returned opened merchandise to Best Buy myself with no problem. From their own return policy, here are the only items they deem unreturnable: All Final Sale merchandise cannot be returned. Other nonreturnable purchases include digital content, prepaid cards, gift packaging, memberships, completed services, opened consumable items including batteries, ink and 3D printer filament, and items returned that are damaged, unsanitary or missing major contents.

Even if the items were part of a bundle: If you return an item bought as part of a bundle or with a promotional discount and you do not return everything — not to worry. We will reimburse you for what you do return, minus the value of the discount or freebie.'

So yeah, I would contact corporate/bring in their return policy showing them in black and white and continue to fight for your refund.

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