Stone Mountain, Georgia

I went to Best Buy to buy an Xbox 360 console for my brother, I am 22 years old, but had forgotten my I.D. Apparently that is required to buy the console - in cash!?

Anyways, I did not have it so I calmly asked for a manager - they TOLD ME NO - and then I asked if the much older man (who I'd been talking to in line) to pose as my "father" and she asked the other cashier if that was "allowed"; the other cashier said "up to you" and my cashier chose to not cash me out. So I stood, in line, in the cold, as well as in the store just to be rejected for a console purchase for lack of identification.

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Cashier.

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The funny part is from around midnight Thanksgiving morning til about 5 or 6 PM yesterday you could order the PS3's and Xbox's online for the black friday prices all over.


Which console were you trying to purchase? The Call of Duty MW3, Gears of War 3, and even the featured holiday bundle(with Fable 3 and Halo REACH) all contain Mature rated games in the box.

Mature rated games can only be purchased by someone 17 or older, thats a law. Since you're 22, I doubt you look 31 or older so Best Buy(or any other retailer for that matter) is going to require valid ID or a parent to be present. The cashier had every right to not allow another customer to purchase the console for you that was not a legal guardian.

Breaking the law so you can pwn some n00bs and have your mom storm in and complain that Best Buy sold her underage son filth, not worth it to employees. I'm assuming you're not of age to purchase said items because if you were really 22 you'd know you need an ID to get into a bar, why in the world would go all the way out to Best Buy, wait in line all night to make a purchase without you're ID on you????


I'm not sure why they need I.D. for a console purchase (perhaps it's related to returns), but I have no sympathy for anyone over 15 who doesn't always carry their I.D.

with them. There is no excuse for it.


Something tells me you are really not 22 kid. As soon as I got my first drivers license at 16 I started ALWAYS carrying my wallet with the license.

Most people always carry ID. What? You don't?? Give me a break.

All you had to do was ask some little old man or woman shopping in the store to buy it for you, just like we used to do when we wanted booze at age 15.

Simple. Perhaps you are in a public school and this common sense concept is beyond you.


Why should age matter? There has to be more to this story. Cash is cash.


it was probably a bundle and the games in said bundle were rated M which you need to be Id'd for so...either he looks really young or he's not really 22 seeing as he didn't have the sense to carry an Id with him.

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