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Regarding Alexandra’s “solved” forum text: Alexandra 10.6.16 - “As you may know, a universal iPhone 7 is “unlocked” in the sense that it can be used with any carrier within the United States.” Listen to these words, “universal” and “unlocked”. The only sense I have is that universal means anywhere on planet earth, and unlocked means just that, unlocked.

Couple that with their “14-day Return and Exchange Promise” makes BB an extremely horrible retailer from which to purchase anything. Miss Alexandra does not mention BB’s agreement with Apple regarding its US RESELLER FLEX PLAN which specifically locks all BB iPhone 7s to the USA. Instead she states “I truly apologize for any frustration this may cause”. Does anyone actually believe that she feels sorry for anyone?

Really? As a Social Media Specialist, she gets an *** in my book, as do all of the other Social Media Specialists from BB who have ALL answered in the same fashion. In other words, BB in fact does LOCK their phones to prevent them from being used outside the USA. According to multiple Apple tech reps, ALL iPhones are sent unlocked as defined, which means they will work for any iPhone 7 compatible SIM card anywhere in the world.

BB LIES when it says they do not modify the phones. THEY DO. Its just that the *** and ignorant “Social Media Specialists” are trained to misrepresent to BBs customers. My story: I spoke with Apple, and BB on numerous occasions and got the same run around from BB that the rest of posters on the best buy forum did.

I see also the solution regarding the Verizon SIM card, but do not feel that a buyer should have to go through this in order to have his/her phone work. So, she returned the phone, fortunately within their Jan 15 post Christmas return policy, and she got a gift card, but, as I found out later, MINUS A $35 RESTOCKING FEE!!!!!!

So here you have it, we are stuck with an $800 BB gift card and cannot get an iPhone 7 that works, and I have to go to BB next time I see her and complain to get the $35 back. And I believe that Apple is also guilty of not allowing us to get our “universal” phones to be unlocked at the “genius” bar, since it is their US RESELLER FLEX PLAN agreement, and obviously they can flash the proms and reset the phone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Apple Iphone 7 Cell Phone.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Best Buy Cons: Company only wants to argue with customers.

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I can't even respond.....Just one thing. EVERY retailer who sells cell phones have 14 days to return or exchange it.

And since you opened that phone it can no longer be sold it's basically fried and has to go back to Apple the restocking fee is at all cell phone carriers as well. So stop feeling so entitled

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