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Never buy online/phone with Bestbuy.com. They have horrible service for delivery and customer care. I had a very bad experience with them and just want to let all know as they can be careful before ordering something.

I ordered a Refrigerator from Bestbuy.com over phone 2 weeks before my house is closed and told it's very important they deliver it next of my closing as I will not have any refrigerator they agree and took the order. Payed them more than $2000 for appliance, delivery and Installation. They also sent me an email a week later confirming the delivery date. On the day of the delivery on Friday they didn't show up. They did not call me either. I called them and they said that the appliance has not arrived to warehouse and I have to wait until then. I had to buy a small refrigerator in the weekend to store my kids milk. I called them next week it's the same answer. I try complaining to the best buy consumer relations the lady yells at me saying she cannot do anything at this time as the appliance has not arrived to the ware house. Infact later on they don't want to talk to me as I payed with my husbands card. After a long wait one of the supervisor says, Its your husband who should call us not you!! We had to just shut up until the Refrigerator is delivered.

Take care guys!!! You will pay money and have to request them to deliver as soon as possible. I will never in my life go to them again. Lesson learned!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Best Buy Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $2209.

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This Guy

This scenario is a warning to people buying appliances from Best Buy. This kind of thing happens ALL OF THE TIME!

The store makes promises that it can't always fulfill because they will do anything to make the sale and then blame the warehouse when things don't go right. Also, things get oversold and it always leads to customer disappoints. I.E.

3 different stores see that 1 fridge is coming into the warehouse and they all make the same purchase, 2 customers are S.O.L. and it doesn't matter

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