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I have had the following appointments May 4th, May 10th, May 24th, June 7th, July 3 and July 18, 2021. Three of these appointments were scheduled in home.

Unfortunately, the first service agent had a death in his family and was unable to make the appointment, the second in home appointment was cancelled due to illness and the third was cancelled because the agent did not bring the appropriate tools to affect the repair. I took my computer in to the store to have the memory upgraded and unfortunately for me, in so doing, all my Quickbook data was erased and my address book no longer worked. I was able to salvage the situation with Quickbook's help but I am sorely disappointed in the customer service department at Best Buy. Not only that, but my subscription is set to expire after all these bungles.

I have read that Patrick Doyle stands by a "code of ethics" and that the company, Best Buy, puts people before all else. Unfortunately, that is not my experience.

User's recommendation: Watch out.

Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon

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Yes! Never going back.

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