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This letter is to complain about service and a product we recently received from your Company, Best Buy at the Pinole, CA location on August 24, 2010. We went into exchange a camera that had stopped working 37 days after we had purchased it. The first Assistant Managers (Earl) did not even want to listen to my concern, he simply stated your return police and that was it. All we want to do was exchange the camera. We asked for a corporate phone number and a District Manager name and number. We were given the 1-800 numbers but only the first name of the DM and no information on how to contact him. After spending an hour or more on the phone with customer service they finally sent another Assistant Manager (Joe) over to talk with us. And I could just read it on his face that he was going to tell us the same thing and state the same policy. He did listen to our concern about the product. But stated he was not going to do anything other than what the policy stated. At some point in the conversation Joe had the nerve to ask me if I had called Canon (The manufacture). I replied; I didn't buy it from Canon, I purchased it from Best Buy; whom I thought was a repeatable Company. However both ASM stated that they would send the camera in for repairs. We didn't feel that was fair, the camera stopped working 33 days after it was purchased, and had only been used 3-4 times. When we returned home we goggled the information that we had asked for. We found and called a district office in South Cal who gave us the phone number of the District office in Pleasant Hill, CA. I spoke with the DM Assistant Michelle who told me that she would have John North (DM) call me; with he did not. The next day, Michelle called me back and stated the same policy. The only different was that the store would supply us with an out of box camera to use while the camera we have purchased was being repaired. Just a note she also asked if I had contacted Canon the manufacture, I told her the same as I told Joe. When I took the camera back into the store Richard the store Manger told me that I would have to purchase the loaner camera. At this point needless to say, I was quite frustrated and fed up with the lack of customer service I had received from your Company. So with no other opinion I let them send the camera in for repair.

On July 13, 2010 I purchased a Canon Powershot SX120IS Camera for $229.99. We took the camera on a family vacation on August 19, 2010 and after using it for one day it stopped working on the 20th, 33 days after I had purchased it. When powered on an error message appears on the screen and then powers off. Yes on your receipt it states no refund or exchange after 14 days. But what product stops working in 14 days? We were not asking for a refund, we only wanted to exchange the camera for the same item.

We expected a much higher level of service from your company, and we are quite disappointed with the level of customer service we had received in your store and from a district level. We now feel that we cannot trust your company any more due to the inability to take responsibility for the products that you sell that may be defective. When the camera is returned to us we would like to be able to take it in for a full refund. Because of lack of customer service from a store level and the district level we feel as if the only thing your company cares about is getting the customers money, and then the *** with them if some things goes wrong with the product. We will be informing our friends and family about this experience. And we strongly have doubts about ever shopping with your Company again. The dollar is the only thing your company cares about, not the customer!!

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Actually, the return period is 14 days.


Really? Contacting the manufacturer is Best Buy's responsibility? That's naive and childish at best. Did Best Buy put together that camera? Did Best Buy test the camera? Did Best Buy even package the camera? No. They are simply selling a product that someone else made. The great thing about retail stores like that is that you can buy several different things from several different companies at one place. That's what a retail department store is.

Before you make an electronic purchase you should always do your research on the product you are about to purchase. You've proven you can use the internet to throw another temper tantrum about mean old Best Buy and how they wronged you, so use those same skills and research products, warranties, and return policies.

I know for a fact that Best Buy offers services that cover most products beyond the manufacturer warranty (usually 1 year) and against things like accidents, but you probably didn't want to pay the extra charge that was involved to insure you'd have a working product beyond the standard time frame.

Not their fault you didn't do your homework, protect your investment or that you don't want to do the leg work of contacting the company who is solely responsible for the product you purchased.

best buy customer service rep.

I just wanted to voice a little bit of my opinion here. As the name states, I work in the customer service department at a best buy. For once I wish the customer with an issue wouldn't take it out on us, we understand you are angry and upset however, we are just following policy. Possibly losing my job to give you what you want, is never going to happen. Yes products stop working days or weeks after you buy them. They are electronics, technology, it is possible to just malfunction. Best Buy know this! That is why we offer coverage outside the thirty or fourteen day return policy! Yes, it could be brand new technology that just hit the racks, but hey everything has its glitches.

Next, I do not know what best buys you have visited, but most of the "kids" in the store I work in knows there stuff pretty dang well. Yes, I have plenty of times where I'm told "I was sold the wrong item." but hello we are all human here, we make mistakes.

Lastly, when you come to the customer service counter throwing a fit and cussing us out, do you really think we want to cut you a break, go above and beyond the return policy and act super nice to you? My job or not, I most certainly do not deserve that attitude nor is it apprechiated, and yes I will do everything I possibly can to make sure you do not get what you want. Due to the fact that your acting like a child and can not control yourself, mostly due to own customer faultiness with product.

Act like an adult, you...

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It is unfortunate that you had issues with you cameras.You will notice in the box with the warranty paperwork it states to contact the manufacturer (Canon) if there are issues with the product.

These policies that Best Buy are enforcing are also agreements between the two corporations in order for them to remain an authorized reseller of their products.

I hope this will help you in the future!!:D


If some of you are BBY employees and you are responding like this, than you are dumb and you dont have good customer service!It takes an aproximate $19 to satisfy a potential lost customer and over $1000 to get one new customer in the store.

It's not worth losing a customer! I'm in school for business management.

Yes, there are policies, but it isn't worth losing the customer over.:zzz :?


1. Was it 37 or 33 make up your mind?

2. Policy is policy it's there and it can't be changed overnight. As stated earlier, all kinds of places have these policies. if you want to fix them write letters to the companies.

3. Best Buy employees do know more than the average person about electronics, good job if you can find your info. Just let those employees know that you know what you want, they might have some insight that others may not have.

So as a closing thought, if you want to wax intellectual about something look into it and know what your talking about please. It's not Best Buy's fault and it's not your fault either. Best Buy just want to help you get it fixed, but there is only so much that Best Buy can do.


Best Buy has a 15 day return policy.After that, any problems are between the customer and the manufacturer.

Best Buy is certainly not alone in this business practice.

Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, etc have the same policy.Outside of their return window, any problems need to go through the manufacturer.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong, I'm just saying that's how it is.

Disgruntled Customer

The point is that Best Buy is the seller.If something goes wrong with the product, they should be responsible for contacting the manufacturer and fixing the defective product.

If the buyer had wanted to call Canon directly, they could have purchased the camera directly from Canon and saved any middle-man fees. We pay a higher price for these products by buying from Best Buy, and that additional cost is SUPPOSED to be paying for good service - the problem is that Best Buy is not delivering the service they claim to have.

It is not the customer's responsibility to call the manufacturer, it's Best Buy's, no matter what their policy says.That's basic business rules.


I replied; I didn’t buy it from Canon, I purchased it from Best Buy; whom I thought was a repeatable Company.

I am sure the workers knew you didn't buy the camera from Canon, but Canon is the one who made the camera, so they would be able to assist you further then the place that just sells the cameras... Next time you buy an item that does not work, take it to the people who makes it, not the ones who sells it.


I just noticed what THIS site is doing - every time there is a complaint about a particlar item; whether it be camera, furniture,etc., they have an advertisement at the bottom for that type of item.That is pretty scuzzy.


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