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I was extremely disappointed today when trying to make a return to best buy. A week ago, I replaced my old DELL Laptop with a new one, bought at Best Buy.

The clerk assisting me was more than helpful, courteous and friendly. Over the last week, I noticed while using the new laptop, I could not keep in on my lap because it was generating so much heat. Having had DELL's for more than the past 10 years, I did not think this was normal. When I brought it back to the store to return, I was told I could return the laptop, but, they could not refund me the $99 set up fee.

I found this pretty irritating, since I was only returning the laptop because it seemed to have something wrong with it to begin with. After speaking to a manager who offered to have the laptop assessed, and, after it was assessed to be 'running a little hot, but, that's normal and you should not put your laptop on your lap' - still believing something was not right about this computer, I returned it, but, am out $99, for no reason I can understand, other than believing this is how Best Buy makes their money. I have never not been able to use a laptop in my lap, much less a brand new one. I have never needed a 'cooling pad' before.

This laptop ran so hot, I did not even want to leave it on my wooden kitchen table. I am really annoyed, very disappointed, and left the store today without purchasing another computer, because I think I will take my business somewhere else.

I think it is wrong that that laptop will be put back on the shelf, and that Best Buy will sell it, and charge another $99 setup fee to someone else, despite the fact that it's already set up. Something is not right about that.

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I've had some laptops that have run pretty hot before & are usually that way if the laptop is generating a heavy amount of power mostly due to the processing speed or video card. Older laptops don't generate that much heat due to less power the processor/video card uses.

The only way to keep it cool & on your lap is to have a cooling pad under it.

If you had problems using the laptop like it shutting off or restarting on its own then that means it's overheating. But it doesn't seem like Best Buy really explained all that either, which they should have in the first place.


Went to Best Buys to buy speakers for my daughters car for a Christmas gift. I didn't know the size of the speaker and the salesman looked in their data base and told me 4 inch speakers were the right size.

After Christmas my husband was putting the speakers and the 4 inch speakers were the wrong size. The car needed 6 1/2 speakers. I did not have the receipt, but took the 4 inch speakers back to exchange for the proper size. Best Buys would no exchange because I didn't have a receipt.

I spoke with the manager and the person above the manager. They kept repeating the can statement that they could not exchange the speakers because I did not have a receipt. I told the manager that I was a good customer and that I think she could make an exception. She then said that the computer showed that I had only bought a few things from them and I wasn't that good of a customer (I have bought 3 computers, a tv, a Kindle and several other items from Best Buys in the past.)I now will never buy from them again.

Horrible customer service. Best Buys does not care about their customers